AppStore Gaming Steals and Deals: Arcade, RPG, and lots ‘n lots of guns

Once again TMA is bringing you, our cherished readers, notable releases, sales and downright giveaways handpicked by your’s truly.

First thing I wanted to note is that the just-released original puzzler, Hand of Greed has been set FREE for a very limited time. In this game you take the role of a thief who must reach treasures, avoiding blades and other manner of hurtful devices. It is a fun romp. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

Hand of Greed Brainium Studios LLC, Hand of Greed – Free

Next we have GHOSTS’N GOBLINS GOLD KNIGHTS – an Arcade classic by Capcom brought to the Jesus phone with quite a facelift. It has been dropped to just $0.99 for a limited-time 80% OFF sale. For all of you with struck by nostalgia, skip today’s Tim Horton’s and pick this game up!


And a couple of new releases to wrap things up. First – our own shigzeo’s favourite portable RPG of all time – The Quest has been extended with a new expansion, that can be played either as a standalone game or as part of the whole series. All you old-school RPG fans – go get it! Be sure to check out our review of The Quest here.

The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye III Chillingo Ltd, The Quest – Hero of Lukomorye III – $2.99

And last but not least – an indie top-down shooter release with robots and more robots! I have already played it for some time thanks to an ad-hoc build from the developers and will do a review of it soon. But I can tell you right now that 2360: Battle for Cydonia is well worth getting, especially at it’s launch price of only $0.99 (limited time 75% sale).

2360: Battle for Cydonia Brisk Mobile Inc, 2360: Battle for Cydonia – $0.99

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