COMMAND & CONQUERâ„¢ RED ALERTâ„¢ Emperor of the Rising Sun DLC pack available

When Command & Conquer was released several months ago it got very mixed reviews (by the way, look forward to our review soon). While EA has nailed the interface dead on and the basic mechanics were all there, the amount of content was widely criticized, especially considering the lack of C&C’s most attractive feature: multiplayer. They later remedied in part the last issue in the 1.1 update by adding local multiplayer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but the other issue remained – the game featured only 5 campaign missions for each side and 2 skirmish maps. Well, without much fanfare EA has released a DLC content pack entitled Emperor of the Rising Sun which adds a whole new playable side with new units and a whole new 5 mission campaign. And all of that for just (?) $2.99.

Full DLC pack details with screens after the gap.


Emperor of the Rising Sun DLC pack – $2.99

  • New playable faction – Emperor of the Rising Sun
  • 5 new single-player mission grouped in a separate campaign
  • 5 new infantry types, including the fabled Battle Angel
  • 3 new ground vehicles
  • 3 new aerial units

No new skirmish maps or online multiplayer though. Also the units seem to mirror the other faction’s just with a different appearance. I wish they would add unit descriptions in the help section.

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