ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month (January 2010) – Yes, it’s that time of the month again when I’m giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card!

Hey there, TMA fans! It’s the end of January and you know what this means? This means it’s time to announce the winner of ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest! Boy, how time flies! It seems only yesterday I sent out the Gift Card for the first contest.

This has been quite a thrilling month for all of us. With such major titles arriving on the store like GTA Chinatown Wars and Broken Sword Director’s Cut the Apple iPad went almost unnoticed. Yeah, right! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to save up already!

But enough chit-chat! It’s time to announce the winner of my one-and-only Comment of the Month contest for January 2010 and reward him with a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

The winner of the contest and a recap of the rules after the gap. And remember – TMA is the only place where you are rewarded for being honest and forthright.

And the winner for the best comment of January 2010 is (drum roll) – Daniel for his excellent and detailed reply to my Contest: Tell ChiffaN and TMA the truth to win a $15 iTunes giftcard!

Well, TMA was my first iDevice site, so there’s a special place for it in my heart. It was here that I won my first contest (to what would become one of my fav. rpg games, Zenonia). But enough talkin’ ’bout the past.

So in TMA’s style of Pros and Cons:


– Great detailed reviews. In-depth explanations of game mechanics and always point out not only the good aspects of the game but it’s flaws as well.
– Awesome sales tracker, when there are major sales such as Black Friday TMA never misses a single important title whose price dropped.
– Tons and tons of contests. Need I say more?


– I think all those headphones reviews seem a bit out of place.
– Lacks a forum. I’m not sure whether they’d be popular or not but it’s a nice way to make the comunity grow and interact. TA forums come to mind when I think of that.

Overall Score: Kiss it!

Well, Daniel, you have a special place in your heart for us and we have a special place in our heart for you! Congratulations and look for your $10 iTunes GC in the mail (hope you left a real one). For everybody else I will just give a give recap of the rules:

  • Winner will be hand-picked by me at the end of each month
  • Only comments in my articles are eligible
  • Only comments left since the last award are eligible
  • Special attention will be paid to The JBnator Diaries, iTête à iTête, ChiffaN’s Rants pieces – both old and new

So – keep on sharing your ideas and thoughts on our work and you too could be the next owner of a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

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