iPhone Development 101 – The Best iPhone Development Sites for Developers

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get started with iPhone programming yourself, one of the first things you’ll want to do is start visiting some of the best iPhone development sites out there.

This is important because you’ll learn a lot, keep up with industry news, and maybe even get to know some of the fellow developers out there! This article lists of some of the sites I’ve found most helpful – feel free to chime in with any of your own!

Mobile Orchard

Mobile Orchard is an iPhone development blog hosted by Dan Grigsby and Ari Braginsky, two well respected members of the iPhone community. It features great tutorials, a weekly roundup of the most important news, and a community-run collection of iPhone news called iPhoneFlow. Highly recommended, check it out!

How to Make iPhone Apps

Although this site may not be the best for more experienced iPhone programmers, it is great for beginners. It features tutorials and podcasts oriented toward beginning iPhone programmers.

iPhone Development Tutorials and Programming Tips

This site by “John” Dowa was one of the first sites I stumbled across when getting started with iPhone development, and I’ve always been impressed by the amount of useful information and links on this site. The site includes tutorials, reviews, hints on marketing, and resources for where to learn more on various iPhone programming topics. Must check out!


This site by Brandon Trebitowski (developer of freshapps), and is another great source for iPhone programming tutorials, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Dr. Touch

Dr. Touch is an iPhone development blog run by Oliver Drobnik, an iPhone developer having released several apps and toolkits for other developers. The site often features useful iPhone programming tutorials and is updated regularly, so is a good one to follow.

iPhone Dev SDK Forums

As I mentioned in my post on how to get started with iPhone programming, I believe these are the best forums out there for getting help with iPhone programming topics or asking questions to fellow developers. I recommend frequenting this regularly!

Did I miss any of your favorite iPhone programming sites, or do you have one of your own that may be useful to others? If so please share!

This article was brough to you by TouchMyApps special contributor Ray Wenderlich, developer of the all-in-one utility app AppVault Pro. He has his own iPhone development blog you can check out too!

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