Gold Keeper 2 in Review – Are you bad enough to be a demon?

Oh, my head. I shouldn’t have drank that much yesterday. It feels like my horns are going to fall off. And what’s that damn racket?! Arghh, those damn looters are in my dungeon again. Sigh… Time to go spread my claws a little bit. Oohh, yummy peasant hearts. And those ugly big iron-covered knights have stashed away some nice weapons. Ahhh, just what I wanted – now I can finally despatch those thieving villagers and show them who’s really the boss around here!

Gold Keeper 2 is a 3D Hack and Slash game which uses the same formula as the original Gold Keeper or the more recent Bloody’X’Mas. You have a stash of loot in the middle of the level while wave after wave of enemies come and try either to kill you or steal your gold. And you have to KILL THEM ALL!

The gameplay mechanic is basic but not much represented at the AppStore. It’s like castle defence, but taken to a more personal level. As I noted above – you control a demon and must protect your loot from thieves from as long as possible while fighting off the attackers and trying to stay alive. Every few levels a mini-boss appears and after you defeat him you get a new weapon. Also, you have a RAGE bar that fills up as you eliminate the pesky villagers and once it’s full you can use a special attack that kills everyone on the level. The looters drop the occasional health powerup while the attackers leave behind a rage booster.

With such a simple mechanic, the main attraction of the game is the process. And here what the developers did was take the basic idea from the original Gold Keeper and expand upon it. They added more weapons and full OpenFeint support with achievements. The process of wreaking havoc is quite satisfactory, especially when you manage to hit someone just at the right angle and he flies straight at the screen. I almost dropped my iPhone when this happened for the first time. At the same time I really feel the developers should add a LOT more blood and gore. Dead invaders disappear too quickly from the level and even when hit by a cleaver spill laughably small amounts of blood. In no way does it equal to the immensely satisfying Bloody’X’Mas in this respect.

The graphics are excellent and very stylish. The performance is great, though OpenFeint caused noticeable slowdown on my 3G. The music is good and adds to the atmosphere, as do the sound effects. The interface uses the standard virtual joystick with an attack button on the right. It works rather well as the demon auto targets the nearest enemy.

Gold Keeper 2 is a nice take on the survival/loot protection genre. With great graphics, addictive gameplay and OpenFeint achievements, it has more than enough to justify its $0.99 price tag and keep you entertained in that queue you’re standing in. At the same time I felt it lacked a little polish and it needs a LOT more blood.

With this I declare Gold Keeper 2 officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Gold Keeper 2 Developer: Digital Worlds
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 25.2 MB
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • OpenFeint achievements
  • Angry thieving villagers
  • Great and stylished graphics
  • Fixed weapon progression
  • Only one map
  • Way too little blood


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