FastFinger 2 in Review – How fast can you finger?

FastFinger 2 is a game that really does test how fast you can finger your screen (yes we are serious ladies and gents). While it is indeed a very basic iPhone/iPod Touch app, it can still be quite addictive. With such features as OpenFeint leader board integration and high score system, you can finally find out who has the best and fastest fingers between you and your friends (and for all the gents out there, perhaps this app can even help you impress the gals, though we make no promises).

Developed by Enzo Keller, FastFinger 2 may look like overly simple, but it can be very entertaining and competitive.  The goal of the game is to simply tap the screen as fast as you can within the given time frame you choose. Once you have a high score, the fun then begins when you share it over the OpenFeint network with your friends, and even in person.

The game has a nice enough layout and all the basic and pertinent info and buttons are well placed.  While the gameplay doesn’t change (you just tap and tap some more), you can vary the amount of time spent tapping (warning – doing this in public may be embarrassing). The three options are: 10, 30 , or 60 seconds. Once selected, a message will prompt you to start tapping away when ready within the tap-zone that resembles a mousepad.

The game uses no sound, not even when using the menus. It would definitely be a good addition to have iPod control within the app in a future update.  Can’t imagine anyone who’d not want to play their gym playlist while working out their fingers for 60 seconds straight right? As well, it could add to the experience if a multiplayer “head to head” mode were implemented, where players can compete live for the best score (a little pressure never hurts right?). And as mentioned previously, the game supports OpenFeint, which means you can aim to beat your friends’ high scores in all three time modes. You also have access to the “Fun Stats” within the main menu, where things such as your total time played and total touches can be found and uploaded to OpenFeint.

FastFinger 2 is a great example of how a game can be so simple, yet so competitive, especially if played among friends. Sure, it’s not a game for everyone – if you don’t enjoy a finger work out, you can just as well skip this one. If you do have a finger fetish however (and/or you enjoy showing off just how fast they are), FastFinger 2 is a fairly good buy at $0.99. It’s easy and quick to pick up and play, and definitely fun to have if you like challenging your friends to see who’s the “king of taps”.


App Summary
Title: FastFinger 2 Developer: Enzo Keller
Reviewed Ver: 2.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 3.6 MB
  • Great social game
  • Leader boards
  • Pick up and play
  • No iPod Control or in-app music
  • Not all taps register when too fast


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