iAccounts password manager in Review – Portable Personal Passwords

Remembering your passwords is probably one of the biggest pains in the you-know-what when it comes to surfing the net. With more and more sites require you to register to gain access you almost need a little helper standing at the ready. I’ve tried many password reminders in the past for pc/mac/idevice and have often found them wanting. Luckily, VenticentoStudio’s handy iAccounts password manager has come to my rescue. It is a password manager that can handle just about anything you throw at it – just don’t literally throw things at your device, okay?

Once you start adding records in, iAccounts looks very much like your contacts.app and sorts everything out alphabetically. I’ve mentioned before about familiarity and it’s effect on people’s comfort and when it comes to dropping your personal and private passwords into an app: comfort is definitely a must.

Viewing entries look just like contact cards. Instead of images and phone numbers, you are given the names/passwords and other critical info related to that entry. Everything is laid out in a simple table format which makes for excellent readability and prevents confusion.

Security is a big thing here – you could potentially store sensitive information here and you don’t want just anyone to be able to read it. First off, they use a great encryption engine that prevents unauthorized access. Also, in order to backup, you have to set up a PIN which protects information so that after 5 wrong login attempts, the entire database is destroyed. One thing I didn’t like, is that the “passwords” are not ***’d out. I can understand maybe during entry that you want to keep everything visible to prevent errors, however afterwards and when viewing records anything set as a password should definitely be hidden.

Another area they’ve done well at is usability. For example, to use one of your entries for a website password just simply click on the URL, select the OPEN WEBSITE button, and the app will launch Safari for you and log you in if possible. I have had some issues with a few sites, but the majority work fine. It would have been nice to have it work 100% right out the gate but I don’t mind having to work a bit and learn more about the app in the process. Adding entries is really simple. Just tap the “+” icon and if you want to use one of the templates just tap the icon box at the top. Afterwards just begin filling out the boxes with appropriate info.

Backing up the data is my favourite part of this app. Your options are to email and backup through wifi. The email is just a text printout of your passwords and data in the body of a letter, simple and to the point. For the wifi version, you need to download the free iBackup software and enter in your computer’s IP address to iAccounts entry in Settings.app. Although you cannot edit or change the files on your computer, it is nice to be able to see the records at least for reference if your phone isn’t handy.

Overall this app does just about everything you need a password manager to do. Aside from not hiding passwords at entry screen, iAccounts is a very secure app. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a password manager and who wants the ability to customize each record however they see fit. If you’re still not sure, then check out the free iAccounts Lite.

App Summary
Title: iAccounts password manager- free backup app Mac+PC includedDeveloper: VenticentoStudio
Reviewed Ver:2.2Min OS Req:3.1.2
Price:$4.99App Size:2.6 MB
  • Clean familiar design
  • Easy to use interface
  • Good security measures
  • FREE! backup software
  • Not enough privacy (***’d out passwords)
  • Logins didn’t work 100% of the time


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  • n40k

    This app is so unsecure! If you have it open and your iphone goes to sleep, when you activate the phone again, iAccounts doesn’t ask for the PIN. It goes straight into your critical data. If your phone is stolen with iAccounts open, then no encryption will save you. The Developers never responded to my 3 emails. All sent using the hyperlink on their website!

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  • MW

    The above comment is spam. The developer responded quickly to my e-mail, I wonder if the above guys is possibly payed by some competitor… And, by the way, I like the app, the ui is nice and polished and the free backup option is good value.

  • Kondor

    Recommended. Bought the app and love it. Great usability, it just feels right. Developer is friendly and supportive. Waiting for the update but should be coming soon. Backup application is free and works on Mac and Windows. Simply amazing value, can’t be beat.

  • dcoda

    n40k has a valid point, it’s not spam. if you have the app open and it goes to sleep or even if you put the phone to sleep using the power button when you turn it on again the app remains unlocked.
    This is a huge vulnerability if you don’t remember to close the app properly and it ignores the timed lockout too.

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