Battle Blasters in Review – You can finally play dodgeball with lasers!

You’d better be ready to shoot laser beams at your enemies in this futuristic version of dodgeball.  Battle Blasters is a great pick up and play game using touch controls to move your character, launch your attacks, and even deflect your enemy’s blasts.  Read on to find out why this is one of those apps you should have on your iDevice for those quick rounds of addictive fun.

Battle Blasters is an original game developed by Little Guy Games Inc. It takes the traditional game of dodgeball and turns it into a setting you may find in a Star Trek movie – one with laser beams, laser blasts, special attacks and the like. And if you’ve ever played a match or two of dodgeball before, you’ll know then just how addictive this sport can be. Well, the same can be said for Battle Blasters;  the gameplay is fun you’ll indeed have a blast (pun!)

The game is very simple to play, with a tutorial guiding you through the touch controls to move your character, shoot, and more.  To move, you simply tap on the screen to your character’s left or right. Swiping upward on the launch your different attacks, while swiping down allows you to deflect certain shots sent your way right back at your opponent. The combo system just adds to the frantic element as you try to dish out maximum damage.

There are initially two characters to choose from in the campaign mode, with four more available to unlock.  As you complete the campaign with each character at the various difficulty setting, you’ll unlock the others.  Essentially, the campaign is about seven battles in length with best of three scoring like any typical arcade fighting game.  Aside from campaign, you’ll also find a quick play mode and multiplayer, which currently only allows you to play against each other on the same device.

The audio is very well done in Battle Blasters. Characters each have their own soundboards for their attacks, hit reactions, and deaths (with animations!).  Every laser and special attack also has its very own unique sound, making for a more immersive game at hand.  There is no in-app music or iPod control.  Battle Blasters also has Facebook Connect integration which lets you challenge your friends based on score in the campaign.  Although Facebook feature is present, there is no in-app leader board or ability to view your high score.

Battle Blasters is the first app developed by Little Guy Games Inc. and they certainly did a great job with it.  It is a very well polished game for the iPhone/iPod Touch with no noticeable hiccups or bugs to be found during gameplay.  Now that version 1.0 is out and already very solid, we can hope future updates will bring integrated leader boards, more characters, selectable levels in quick play (and more levels too), iPod control for music while playing, and definitely online/wifi/Bluetooth multiplayer. If you like the sound of a fun pick up and play game with dodgeball/futuristic elements mixed in, go buy Battle Blasters now you won’t be disappointed.

App Summary
Title: Battle Blasters Developer: Little Guy Games Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 33.9 MB
  • Great graphics
  • Well done sound and soundboards
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Smooth Controls
  • No iPod Control or in-app music
  • Leaderboards? No real multiplayer?


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