Today’s Cutie: Blond Jokes Jigsaw – hot puzzle?

While McApps are more known for quantity rather than quality, today they may well have bucked that trend. Blond Jokes Jigsaw – apart from the strange spelling – is a clever amalgamation of cute-sexyness and humour. You see, upon the completion of the 50 jigsaw puzzles, you are given a new blonde joke. Not sure if I should put an (!) somewhere here, but the idea sends thrills down my manly spine.

Blond Jokes Jigsaw McApps, Blond Jokes Jigsaw – $0.99

Piccies and more info after the gap:

App Description

This app is an awesome collection of jigsaw puzzles that let’s you create hot and sexy pictures and images of blonds! Plus, we’ve thrown in a large collection of blond jokes.

This app is like getting 2 apps for the price of 1! Not only is this app a game, but it’s also a collection of awesome girly pictures with blond jokes. Complete each puzzle to see the ‘mystery image’ and hidden joke!

+ Includes over 50 puzzles!

+ Contains sound effects!

+ Puzzle pieces ‘snap’ into place to make it easier on you! No more frustrating moments where you try to micro-manage the game.

+ Keep an eye out for FREE updates for even more content!

Blond Jokes Jigsaw

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