Heavy Mach 2 in Review – Putting the heavy in top down shooters

Heavy Mach 2 is a sequel to Heavy Mach (TMA Review) – a critically acclaimed side-scroller that went live about a year ago. Heavy Mach featured solid gameplay and an interesting interface using the accelerometer to control horizontal movement. At the same time it’s not simple matter of evolution – Heavy Mach 2 has been reworked from scratch and it would be completely fair to say that the only thing in common between it and its older sibling is its parent developer: IndieAn.

Heavy Mach 2 is a classic open world top down shooter. The world is broken down to a number of square maps connected by transition points. And as with any shooter, all goals boil down to eliminating everyone – or at least a subset of everyone. Thankfully all of this is watered down by an extensive upgrade system and a dose of leveling up.

Heavy Mach 2 is broken down in 2 main parts – the short periods of safety at the base and the long periods of destroying everything out there. At your home base you can pick up/turn in missions, buy/sell stuff and equip your robot. Haven’t I said already? In Heavy Mach 2 you control a giant walking war machine. Hail all you MechWarrior fans. I am pleased with the amount of RPG elements thrown into the game. Many advertised “RPGs” have less. You can equip up to 2 weapons as well as change bodies, walkers, shields and special weapons. There’re also slots for up to 3 drones to help you gather stuff and eliminate the baddies and a number of quickslots for one use items like repair, nukes, airstrikes, etc.

Once you leave the safety of your base, you’re immediately thrown in the middle of combat. And here’s where the game really start to surprise. The developers have decided to avoid the common D-Pad style controls and instead implemented Flight Control-like mechanics: you touch a spot to set a waypoint or touch-and-drag to set a path. You can also tap an enemy to target it and your mech will automatically attack it. The best news is that this mechanic works great! Finally you are released from having to stupidly repeatedly tap the enemy to attack it and can concentrate on plotting the movement to best avoid enemy fire or strategically use the special attacks.

Heavy Mach 2 is very fun and destroying the enemies is fun as hell. The quests have rewards and enemies leave spare parts to turn as quest items or just sell at the shop. On the other hand, it gets annoying in later quests that you have to go through a lot of previously cleared levels with respawned enemies just to get to the area where the quest is to be completed and back. The relatively slow pace of the robot really kills a lot of the fun. Some kind of quick-access to areas would go a long way to making the game more user friendly. Also the fact that enemies are simply called E_Tank_01, E_Turret_02, etc. feels like a proof of concept game, not a release title.

The graphics of the game are quite good with excellent performance on older iPhones. And while the enemies are drawn with a significant amount of detail, your own mech seems to almost be almost a blob. I feel the developers could try to give some more love to the one object that will be on the screen 100% of the gameplay time.

Heavy Mach 2 is an excellent title that went a long way from its predecessor. The customization system is so extensive that it would make any RPG gamer proud. The controls and mechanics of the game go as far as to providing a whole new layer of tactics to the game – a feat that makes Heavy Mach 2 stand out from the myriad mediocre action titles on the AppStore.

With this I declare Heavy Mach 2 officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Heavy Mach 2Developer: IndieAn
Reviewed Ver:1.0Min OS Req:3.1.2
Price:$2.99App Size:44.6 MB
  • Extensive customization system
  • Excellent performance
  • An original interface
  • Fun and satisfying gameplay
  • Frustrating on later levels in getting to remote areas
  • Enemy naming reminds of a proof-of-concept title


Rat-a-tat-tat! Shooter games are in TMA’s house!

  • bryangne

    heres a cool gun glitch.

    Stuck on a boss? cant get em before they get you? Well look no further! First, buy two rail guns. equip one and leave the other in the inventory. target the boss. while a shot from your rail gun is about to hit the boss, pause the game. then switch the rail guns. a rail gun shot should materialize behind the gun. keep switching until a huge ball of energy is formed. then, unpause. it should take a sizable chunk out of the boss’s health. rinse and repeat. you should be able to beat the boss without losing much health. Have fun!!! 😉

  • I the developer, will tell you that the fuel cells and turbine are found on the maps and all complaints and extras are being fitted shortly level 70 can get the turbo-43e legs and the Platinum-armor-16b for 10 million kelledos points each ( in game money) we are trying are best and we can’t tell you where items are . Find them yourself. Beach missions added next update and maybe new areas but maybe be declined. New bots are getting added such as the healing bots and many more, also thank you for exploiting the glitch but it is a fault and will be fixed, we are developing an idea of not just being a walker but tanks,planes. Level capacity will be Maxed at 250 but may increase if new levels are placed. Helicopter enimies will be added in the 1.5 update not the 1.4. Being able to choose camo is pointless as it has no purpose of being there so will be declined, many other feautures will be added such as sound off/on low/high but we are struggling to integrate music from your library. The game price will be increased to £2.99 but also “AppStore add-ons” will be added in 1.5-1.8 as we are not working on this yet. Cheats are being declined so sorry folks.

    From indieapps.kr

  • Sounds great! Looking forward to the updates.

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