Cross Fingers in Review – Tangrams meet Twister

Tangrams which literally means “seven boards of skill” is an age old Chinese puzzle game, where the player must construct objects by cleverly placing seven flat shapes. I have tried quite a number of Tangram titles, both on the iPhone and other platforms, and have always found them too easy for my taste. And it always boggled my mind, why do they have to stick with the basic 7 shapes, it’s the 21st century already! Well, Mobigame have obviously heard my prayers and released Cross Fingers, a game which reinvents the old mechanic.

The basic goal of Cross Fingers is simple – you have to arrange the pieces of the puzzle to fill the shape which is outlined in the level. And thankfully you’re finally released from the limit of 7 basic shape pieces – the level can contain any number of pieces of varied shapes and sizes.

Cross Fingers has full collision detection, which means you can’t just tap and drag the chosen piece to the chosen place on the level. Rather, you have consider walls and obstacles as you plot your course. Speaking of obstacles – there are red blocks scattered across some levels. And the most interesting part is that once you release them, they try to move back in their original spot. Yep, Cross Fingers is one of those games made possible only with the iPhone’s unique multitouch, forcing you play Twister on the screen with your fingers.

The game features excellent stylised graphics and quite nice music. The performance is excellent on my 3G. The interface is extremely polished and as noted above – makes full use of multitouch.

Cross Fingers feature 90 levels spread across difficulties from Easy to Hard plus an extra 30 Pro ones unlocked after completing the base set. And if you happen to manage to complete the whole lot, you’ll unlock an endless Tetris like mode for your unlimited pleasure. The overall gameplay value is over 6-8 hours which is very reasonable for a $0.99 cent game.

What I found a bit disappointing in Cross Fingers is the difficulty. It maybe just me, but I completed the whole set of Hard puzzles in a matter of a couple of hours with most levels being more time-consuming than requiring skill. And while the Pro puzzles are more demanding they still are more than reasonable. It bugs me why the developer noted in the app description that they would offer the answer to a Hard or Pro puzzle within the hour of sending a request to their support e-mail – where’s the fun in that?

Cross Fingers is a marvellous reinvention of the classic Tangram style puzzler with a bit of Twister thrown in just to keep things interesting. I liked that it almost feels like playing a real-live physical game thanks to the excellent collision detecting mechanic. This is definitely the only tangram game out there I would recommend. Cross Fingers is an excellent puzzler for both beginners and experts and I hope the devs will add more levels in the upcoming updates with a bit more challenge for people like me.

With this I declare Cross Fingers officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Cross Fingers Developer: Mobigame
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.4 MB
  • Excellent concept
  • Collision-detection
  • Full-use of multi-touch
  • Doesn’t limit you to the classic 7 shapes
  • Lots of levels
  • Unlimited mode
  • A bit too easy even on the later levels


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