2010 Winter Olympic theme song another gold for sound engineer and TMA friend, Stephen Heidinga

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are still a few weeks off, but Canadian recording engineer and long-time TMA buddy (though I prefer to call him ‘mate’), Stephen Heidinga is already pushing for gold. Musician Stephan Moccio’sI Believe‘, is sung by Nikki Yanofsky and has exploded all over the CTV and Canada’s largest news organisations. But TouchMyApp’s centrefold is Stephen Heidinga, the talented and kind long-time friend of TouchMyApps’ founders.

Humbly surprised, the 190cm giant says: “I could never have expected this. The craziest part is that I’m JUST 2 years out of school and I’ve been a part of two gold records and now the Olympic theme song.”

The two gold records now under his belt are:

Annie Villeneuve - Annie Villeneuve Annie Villeneuve – Annie Villeneuve, 9.99$

The Canadian Tenors - The Perfect Gift The Canadian Tenors – The Perfect Gift, 10.99$

Congrats Stephen and Go Canada! Of course, for you Olympic sporting buffs, a post like this isn’t complete without an app: Winter Olympics – Vancouver 2010. CXI Gaming’s app is an up-to-date news app which is 100% made in Canada.

Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010 CXI Gaming, Winter Olympics – Vancouver 2010 – $1.99

You can follow Stephen’s work on Twitter @svenheidinga or his webpage: POPULARWAR.

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