Today’s Cutie: Sexy Goth Girls

Yes, there is a sexy app for fans of gothic gavure. Sexy Goth Girls features nothing less than black, silver, and lots and lots of self loathing. Smiles come at a minimum of course, but for the inner vampyre, hell – this app just might satiate a different sort of thirst. There are 50 pages of “the most beautiful goth girls” right on your iDevice. This collaborative effort from Tea Monster and Mutagenic Studios is oh just so devilish a delight!

Sexy Goth Girls Tea Monster, Sexy Goth Girls – $0.99

Piccies and more darkness after the gap.

App Description

Check out exclusive, high quality pictures featuring your soon to be favorite goth girls – the hottest goth girls on the App Store!

You’ll find over 50 pages of the most beautiful goth girls right here. The Mutagenic girls are here for you in a variety of exciting, sexy and artistic poses.

All photos are properly licensed and used with permission from the copyright holders. The photo sets included in this app were produced specially by Mutagenic Studios – you won’t find them anywhere else!

What else would you like to see? Let us know in a review and we’ll continue to do our best to give you what you want!

Sexy Goth Girls Tea Monster, Sexy Goth Girls – $0.99

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