iSlate Apple event 27 January – Come see our latest creation

When I gets excited, I drop me grammar. Apple ain’t only gonna put up a new event, they is definitely debuting something. I reckon the ‘come see our latest creation’ ain’t just a new MacBook – though with my bloody breaking MBP, that would be nice – it will prolly be something ever more sexy. Think iSlate. Ain’t nothing confirmed yet, but the web’s knickers are all bunched up about the same thing: Apple’s iSlate tablet computer.

This announcement sure beats the final price setting of a Windows XP phone! Still, my pitter-pattering heart worries about two things: price, and viability of a generation 1 hardware. The iSlate moves beyond typical iPhone/iPod/iDevice simplicity – it will likely be a convergence device. Thus, there is more to break.

And, it only takes a cursory glance at Apple’s Discussion forums to realise that first-gen hardware from Apple is often not pie, but crust. Then, there is price. Apple will demand a premium from their uber-cool tablet computer: after it is Apple we are talking about. Will a 10,1 inch touch tablet be worth it if Apple ask 1000-2000$?

[via loopinsight]

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