SarcMark – internet sarcasm coined

Ever made that all-important quip on your favourite internet chat boards only to get a keyboard-full of lynch mobbing? Miscommunications arise because the internet ain’t exactly made for the subtlest of humour. Thankfully, the ever-clever American nation has sprung a new company with a great idea to make coin from oft’ awkward internet sarcasm.

More after the gapsies:

Enacting SarcMark is as easy as some combination of control and the full stop/ forward carrot key and comes for the low low price of 1.99$. Mac users obviously haven’t yet figured out sarcasm, but intrepid dual-booting users can make use of the new squiggle via bootcamp. Otherwise, you will be stuck ironing it out in the kinks of Windows 32 and 7.

SarcMark can be found at Sarcasm incorporated’s website

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