Speed Forge Extreme in Review – Mars meets Thunderdome meets Death Race!

I’ve had a real addiction to racing games since before the holidays. I’ve probably picked up at least a half dozen different titles in the last few weeks. Whether your in a boat, car or plane, it’s all good. Most recently I was able to get my hands on Speed Forge Extreme, a space-themed racer from powerhouse developers Chillingo. Read on to see if life on Mars results in a win.

The premise of Speed Forge is that your races provide entertainment to new settlers on Mars. Expect lots of metallic looking elements throughout the menu system and similarly themed ships and courses. I really like the designs on some of the ships; some look are classic, and others are all ‘futuristic’. The courses are also really well designed with lots of beat up old metal walls, rusted out pipes, and more steampunk. It is definitely alien.

Game play is pretty straightforward with 2 race types available to you. The first is the basic race between you and a few CPU opponents. Think demolition derby.  You must always come in first place in order to unlock subsequent levels and ships.

As enjoyable as the races are though I was a little disappointed to not see any other types of races or tournaments available. With all the various racing games out there, you really do need more than 2 types of gameplay. As much as you might enjoy it, the lack of extras in that area can hurt the replay value. Hopefully they can tackle this in a future update.

Controls are really easy to use. you have the choice between using your finger to steer or using the built in accelerometer. Personally I preferred to use my finger as it allowed me more control and the ability to make really smooth tight turns when needed. The accelerometer is still fun to use and if you like using it in other games, I’m sure you’ll find it just as easy here.

As I mentioned before, as you win each race you unlock the next race and periodically a new ship. Also from time to time, you unlock new weapons and accessories. These then become available to use as you play on to attack your opponents and try to take them out and further improve your chances at winning.

Surprisingly enough, thats about it. It really is that simple of a racing game. Don’t get me wrong, as far as racing goes it’s a pretty good title. Control is good, opponent AI is really competitive, and its a really fun game. It’s just that when there is an entire section of the app store devoted to this style of game, you really need to add more to it. I continue to be a big fan of the work Chillingo do and hope they will be able to enhance this title through updates and bring it to the level that it should be. Shortcomings aside, If you are a fan of racing games and are interested in a new title that’s a little different, then you will probably enjoy this game.


App Summary
Title: Speed Forge Extreme Developer: Chillingo Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 62.2 MB
  • Competitive racing
  • Excellent graphics
  • Lack of game modes
  • No online play/leader boards


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