New Apple Seminar Online – iMovie ’09 for Business

Apple are promoting a new online seminar which can be viewed in your browser or downloaded to your iPod. In their reckoning, movie is extremely important for business and will pave the way for future communications between companies and within corporations. Apple’s online seminars are great free ways to get to know your Mac and bone up on its helpful software.

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iMovie ’09 for Business press release

Businesses of all sizes are realizing that video is the future of effective communication for reaching employees, business partners, and especially customers. The Mac provides powerful tools to produce and deliver video that expresses creativity, communicates key business messages, and captures the attention of a wide variety of audiences. It also lets you easily create and share content across multiple channels including the Internet, iTunes, and DVDs.

Find out how easy it is to create your own attention-grabbing videos to promote your business and “wow” your customers—all without complex applications, large budgets, or professional assistance. In this free online seminar, you will see how, with Mac and Apple’s simple yet powerful iMovie ’09 software, your business can create professional videos quickly and easily. iMovie ’09 includes everything you need to create impressive videos and it comes at no additional charge with Apple’s iLife software suite, included with every Mac.

You will learn how to:

  • Leverage video to make your business more effective. Reach customers, business partners, and employees with engaging video that includes photography, voiceover, titles, transitions, and more, created using the simple iMovie ’09 interface.
  • Create and deliver video for many different uses with iMovie. Find out how easy it is for you to create and distribute professional-quality productions that can be used for advertising, marketing, training, and other purposes—all with iMovie.
  • Learn how to distribute your video content to multiple devices and channels such as iPods and iPhones, iTunes, DVDs, and the Internet—to reach customers, prospects, partners and employees at their convenience.

New Apple Seminar Online: iMovie ’09 for Business

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