Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense in Review – Seaman Overboard!

If you love TD games, then look no further than Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense (NPCD). It is one of the best tower defenses to own for your iDevice with a handful of levels, towers, awesome upgrades, power ups, super weapons! You name it, it has it.

If you’re new to the tower defense genre, there is a little bit to learn. Your objective is to protect your base by positioning towers around the screen. The towers automatically fire on any bad guys in the area. If you’re a veteran at tower defense games you know the best approach is to use the towers to also direct where the enemies travel. A typical maze formation is a good approach. The menus are very straight forward in NPCD with the only major loading screens taking place when the app boots. Once in a level you get a quick button tooltip for every button on what its purpose is and after that you’re off and away to place your towers anywhere in the body of water available. In some levels you can even put your towers on your base or on small islands which immediately increases the firing range of the tower.

NCPD has a lot of upgrades, and super weapons available to you.  And if it seems like too much, there is a built-in video tutorial system for everything you can find and use within the game so don’t worry – you won’t get lost. Let me inform you, this is the biggest tower defense game, as far as content goes, available on the App Store to date.

There are five levels with varying orientations and locations to plan out your defense. The game has a fully featured leader board, three difficulty levels (including Seaman), and two game modes for each level: Normal and Endless. The sounds are very well done and to detail for each specific tower and anything else going on in the level. In the screenshots throughout this review you can see the tower menu bar, the “Attack” powers menu bar (1 out of 3 types of powers available), and the three unique towers based on which powers you max out with your points as you progress in each level. Visual details such as water ripples are plentiful. Also, there is the iPod control available in-game that lets you play your own music while playing, and it is also OpenFeint network supported.

The game performs without hiccups on my 3GS and the several bugs in the game are already being addressed by ICS Mobile. They have also assured us that more towers and content will be released throughout the year (even “multiplayer with a twist” is planned!). And while the price tag of $4.99 is slightly higher than the slew of TD games out at the App Store, fans of the genre won’t be disappointed with all that Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense has to offer.


App Summary
Title: Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense Developer: ICS Mobile, Inc
Reviewed Ver: 2.4 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $4.99 App Size: 35.6 MB
  • Great interface/graphics/sounds
  • Enemy waves become challenging
  • Lots of variety in towers, power ups, etc.
  • Leader boards
  • Not many levels
  • A few bugs


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