ODROID hardware Dev platform to sink the Titanic

Years ago, specifications such as CPU, GPU and ram meant the world to intrepid hardware houses. Times have changed; hardware is still important, but like certain phantom hardware plaforms, it doesn’t tell the whole story. In an increasingly crowded arena, developers large and small have to take sides and ultimately, platforms survive based on their subscriptions. ODROID is an Android-powered developer platform which bears a striking resemblance to the Atari Lynx. It has everything including the kitchen sink under the bonnet: top audio, video, cpu, capacitive touch screen and lo’ and behold: buttons! But most importantly, it exists for the developer to explore possibilities with Android.

ODROID isn’t new,  but it does have some new videos and is a great benchmark for what the developer community has up their sleeves. The game in the video is Speed Forge Extreme, a game already on the iPhone:

Speed Forge Extreme Chillingo Ltd, Speed Forge Extreme – $2.99

Spec, video and images after the gap:

Full hardware spec can be found at ODROID’s homepage, but here are some highlights:
Display: Screen size: 3.5 inchesScreen resolution: 320 x 480Screen type: LCDTouchscreen: Capacitive
Direction control: D-padMotion controls: AccelerometerOther peripherals: Video-out
Codec support: AAC, MP3

Networking: WiFi: 802.11 b, g
2 GBMemory card support: YesMemory card support: microSD

CPU: 833 GHzSystem RAM: 256 MBInternal ROM: 2000 MBUSB: 2.0

Battery: RechargeableBattery type: Li-ion (Removable, 1300 mAh capacity)

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