Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet in Review – Food groups, what’s that all about?

Do you want to lose weight? Do you spend hours every day carefully writing down what you ate? Do you forget stuff? Well, have we got an app for you! Have we? Introducing – Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet – the space age way designed to make tracking your daily diet just that bit easier.

Foobi is exclusively designed to track what group the food you eat belongs to. No, it DOESN’T do any calorie tracking, diet recommendations or anything of that sort. Whether you’re a “body builder, vegetarian, nutritionist, or just someone who wants to eat healthier”, it should work just as well to simply track servings assigned to food groups.

We’ll leave it to the developer’s conscience whether it really is of any help to track just the food groups; we’ll concentrate on how well it does what it says. And there is really nothing bad to say regarding this. With 17 built-in groups and the option of adding custom ones with customizable name, color, icon and limit, it’s enough to satisfy even the most gourmet eater. You can hide or downright remove all the groups you don’t want to track. Adding a serving is easy and requires a single tap. As I noted, a serving limit can be assigned to each group. While it will not specifically forbid you to exceed it, you will be able to track overeating.

In addition to tracking food groups, Foobi has a nifty little reporting tool which is activated by rotating the iDevice in landscape mode. It can show your weekly diet balance as a bar chart to help you see where you went wrong.

One thing Foobi really excels in is – the interface. It is simply beyond all praise. It is slick, fast and extremely easy to use. Everybody knows that the main problem with diet tracking is that it usually is just too much of a bother to write everything down. Well, Foobi makes it so easy that you might just actually use it. In the end, what are a couple of seconds?

If you wish to keep track of what you eat but writing down the meals, counting calories and all that other jazz is just too much for you – you may want to check out Foobi. Its simplicity is both a blessing and a curse. It may just be easy enough to use that you actually WILL use it. And it costs less than a cup of coffee. However, users interested in a more serious diet tracker may want to skip this one though.

With this I declare Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet officially touched!

App Summary
Title: Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet Developer: Tapplox Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.7 MB
  • Beautiful interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Customizable food groups
  • Only tracks whole servings
  • Doesn’t track anything except the basic servings by food group


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