iDevice crime on the rise – iPhone seen Breaking Jail

So, after the Mobistar fiasco, it is clear that the iPhone ain’t just another phone. From Tokyo to Toledo, it’s in high demand and draws a load of envy from have-nots. I fit into the latter group, but unlike the 3 men from L.A. who committed 28 aught crimes against Apple Store customers, my dearth shouldn’t cause worse mischief than random petty theft.

I am actually prey to other deterrents: smashingly beautiful smartphones, and superphones too.

One such beauty is Google’s Nexus One, but as has been reported, it is suffering teething problems. They all do – we expect Google to swallow the problems as it has many a small company, pull up their trousers and get on with raking in the dosh. In the meantime, Apple must capitalise on recapturing the imagination of smartphone shoppers (and burglars).

While the title of this article is TIC (tongue in cheek), there is a method somewhere. The iDevice runs a lot of great stuff. It looks good and even sounds good. But, it is so damn limited. For music playback, web, mail, video, etc., you have two choices: Apple’s software , or Apple software tweaks like TapTunes.

Jailbreakers have opened the platform up for non-sanctioned apps and uses of the hardware which Apple are too blind to think different of. Again, the iDevice is a computer with OSX which for no good reason other than anti-competitiveness, Apple have closed the device’s doors to alternative core software.

The iPhone and iPod touch are in the hands of millions – more than Apple can ever control. No matter how hard the law pinch, people will steal. No matter how hard Apple constrain people’s freedom, intrepid users will fight back and create something bigger and better.

For more info on L.A. terrible crime scene including Apple Store robberies, check the L.A. Times

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