Stress Free with Deepak Chopra in Review – Breathe in, breathe out

It’s not much of a stretch to say that today is a rugged rebuff to the senses. From home life to work life, everyday can be as taut as hell. Deepak Chopra, a guru of physical and mental healing, has partnered with Signal Patterns to bring Stress Free to the App Store at a timely juncture.

Stress Free is an interactive book which connects to internet to bring relevant content to the user. Content ranges from videos and sound to location based services which help you uncover spots of interest. Of course, the interactive portions require Stress Free to be connected to internet in order to function. Other functions are built-in and can be accessed wherever you are. But even internet-only content can be re-accessed for reference.

As long as you can get beyond that hurdle, there is a lot to enjoy. Firstly, Chopra’s app is laid out very well, abiding by an easy-to-use interface. Users set up accounts with email and Twitter and access lessons which are broken up by the app into keys. Each have unique activities and require the user to put effort into reflection and response.

Activities range from trying something new to simple exercise routines, meditation, personal quizzes, and even yoga. But what makes Stress Free a worthwhile investment is its direct links to Dr. Chopra, to online videos, and built in journaling support. It isn’t a reading app; it isn’t a listening app; and it isn’t a watching app. It is all of those bundled with great support from Dr. Chopra who promises to answer questions as promptly as possible. This section does need to be updated (or used) more thoroughly though as it can be helpful to users.

In other words, both he and Signal Pattern aren’t just firing off another catch-all app, they have created a support platform for healing which they stand behind. As you work through each step, unlocking new portions of the app and reference your old work, you gain a sense of accomplishment, and hopefully healing. The simplest of items: journal support is really a great feature which works to anchor my feelings and draw up and out emotions and desires which may have laid dormant.

The current New Year’s sale of 4.99$ is a steal, but even the full price is well worth more than a book of the same name. Of course, if you are stock on an iPod touch and haven’t internet access all the time, using Stress Free may be difficult at times. But I see the value in this app which stresses (sic) the application of feelings, the extraction of desires, and the reliance on meditation and repose.

App Summary
Title: Stress Free with Deepak Chopra Developer: Signal Patterns
Reviewed Ver: 1.02 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $4.99 (Sale, usually $9.99) App Size: 97.3 MB
  • Stress-free interface
  • Great tools: video, sound, journal, location
  • Interactive book is much better than actual book for this application
  • Interact with Dr. Chopra via in-app message boards
  • Some elements require internet connection, making it hard to do things whilst away from carrier or out of country.
  • Some audio recordings/photo transitions are ‘raw’


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