iSlate dries up world’s supply of 10.1 inch OLED touch screens

Bad Apple. How can you blind your faithful fans with happy lights whilst causing the frowns of your competitors? How can  you sit back feigning that ain’t nothing happening and meanwhile sink the world’s OLED touch screen tugboat?

Thank you!

Any news of the iSlate tablet computer is good news, even if it means that no one else will be able to build a look-a-like device which is powered by Windows Mobile and a syringe full of virii. AppleInsider report that 10.1 OLED touch screens have suddenly dried up thanks in no small part to Apple.

It is still rumour – the article is fed by ‘a designer’ who decries the sudden lack. Component droughts often signal a new massively produced product which is parked at the mint. The iSlate could very well be that product. Unfortunately, it won’t come cheap. Estimations of cost have been placed anywhere from 600$ to 2000$ dollars – and those aren’t Australian dollars.

The device is supposed to go on sale in March, but don’t hold your breath.

More on the iSlate tablet computer can be found here.

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