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There is no time like the present to embarrass your mates. But while iSaidWhat may pose like joke recorder to stun your klingons with, I think there are deeper, darker forces at work. While the old recording standard, MiniDisk didn’t connect to Twitter for Facebook, it was good for on-the-fly chop-editing for stringing together horrid quotes, or at the very best, creating a usable interview. iSaidWhat does all of that by allowing you to: record, cut, arrange and then share.

iSaidWhat?! Tapparatus, iSaidWhat?! – $1.99

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Tapparatus have this to say about iSaidWhat?

Step 1: Record
Real time audio wave lets you visualize what you’re recording.
Input boost lets you record people from further away.
Script view lets you write decoy sentences for your friends to read while you record them.

Step 2: Cut
Zoom in/out of the waveform for precise selections.
Play the selected snippet or the entire recording.
Tip Double tap Play/Pause to start from beginning.
Tip Press and hold the wave if you don’t want it to scroll while playing.

Step 3: Arrange
Use snippets from multiple recordings.
Add pauses, rearrange, duplicate, or delete any snippet.
Fine tune snippet selection without leaving the screen.
Tip Double tap Play/Pause to start from beginning

Step 4: Share
Share your creative arrangement or the original recording.
Email as an attachment in high or low quality.
Use your local network via ip or bonjour
Post on your Facebook wall or one of your friend’s.
Tweet it to the world or as a direct message to a friend.
Tip You can copy/paste twitter’s share link to send it some other way.

iPhone or iPod Touch with 3.0 firmware or later.
Note IPod Touch will require an external microphone to record.
Note IPod Touch 1st Gen will need an external dock-based microphone.
Note Due to iPhone limitations, you can’t record during a phone call.

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