You think Apple Care is bad? Just wait till you try Google’s Nexus One support

[image courtesy of slashgear]

Ok, we are all well aware of the many complaints about Apple Care. They may not be the best of the best but, as it turns out, they’re far from being the worst. The early adopters of the latest would-be “iPhone killer” Google’s Nexus One have run into a problem with 3G performance, or more specifically – the lack there of. The issue, quickly ballooned into a real-life drama at Google’s support forums is – the Nexus One either refuses to switch to 3G altogether or constantly switches between EDGE and 3G. And that is an area where all other phones, including the “Jesus” phone work fine. But the technical issue is not the main part of the drama.

As it turns out, Google’s Customer service is virtually nonexistent while the local carriers and the original phone manufacturers fail to provide even the most basic answers. Slashgear reports that one user was bounced back and forth between his local carrier and HTC – the manufacturer of the Nexus One – for more than an hour and a half before getting the answer that “Google hasn’t provided them with any support documents for the phone”.

It seems Google’s Customer Care is only limited to e-mail interactions and users often have to wait for days for a response. And even then a very probable response can be “suggesting that the user try restarting the phone to see if that solves the problem”. Another early adopter got an answer from HTC that the Nexus One doesn’t support 3G altogether.

And while the iPhone community isn’t directly affected by all of this, it’s quite interesting to see completely opposite philosophies race each other in an attempt to be the top honcho: Apple’s secrecy, care and thoroughness against Google’s openness and haste. Which is better? We’ll just have to leave it up to the consumers to decide.

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