Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting in Review- Incinerating Rabbits, One Missile At A Time

Hunting games have been a mixed bag in the AppStore. Just like a new Planter’s bag of peanuts, some are salty delicious and some are stale. For the most part, the genre has been rather successful on the AppStore; although, there has been no official Cabela games. Well, Cabela no more, because Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting has made it onto the AppStore and it’s a head trophy.

Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting was made by none other than Ethan Nicholas himself. If you’ll recall, Ethan was one of the first successful indie devs to make it to the top of the AppStore for his worms-like tank game iShoot.  Now that Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting is out, it could well be the next Ethan installment to climb its way up the charts.

Levitating deer not included

The game spans out across 5 different locations, each with varying scenaries and animals to shoot: Sunset Lake, Midwest Farm, Grizzly River, Deep Forest, and Killing Fields.

When first playing Outdoor Shooting, the majority of the locations, as well as the guns are locked. In order to unlock them, they must be earned through a point-based system. Each kill garners 20 points, and either a location/gun is unlocked when you reach a point milestone, like 2,000 points for an AK-47.

Speaking of guns, there’s quite an interesting selection in the game. There are the typical ones you’d expect to shoot small animals with, such as a pistol or rifle. Then, there are those that pack way more heat (and firepower), like the shotgun, minigun and even a rocket launcher.

Considering that the last two unlockables become available at 5,000 and 10,000 points, if you do the brain-crunching mathematics, that’s 500 kills to unlock everything in the game. But, that is not actually the case. Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Hunting has several achievements that automatically boost your total amount of points when unlocked. The achievements are listed on their own page, along with their descriptions, amount of points when unlocked, and progress to see how close you are to unlocking them.

Too close for comfort..

For a FPS, it’s vital that the controls work well, and they do. Although aiming/looking around is entirely done through the use of the accelerometer (there’s no calibration), it’s still relatively easy to scope out an animal from a distance. The onscreen crosshair also helps hunting your target with more precision. To move about, there’s a digital joystick (double-tap to run), as well as buttons to shoot and zoom.

My first suggestion would be another control scheme that allows aiming through the use of finger gestures – like swiping to look around and pinching to zoom (see Modern Combat: Sandstorm). Also, social networking would go great with Outdoor Shooting. Despite the plethora of achievements, there’s currently no way to show off your hunting skills with the rest of the world. Hence, OpenFeint, AGON LIVE, or even Plus+ would be a nice welcome addition to this already solid game.

Overall, Kim’s Rhode Outdoor Shooting is an enjoyable 3D hunting simulator. While the graphics aren’t the best the iDevice has to offer, the game runs flawlessly on my 3GS. The AI of the animals is impressive too, and they’re not afraid to kill you either. That retreating bear may just turn around to make you his evening meal.

Ethan Nicholas now has a new trophy to hang on his wall, and it’s a Grab It rating.


App Summary
Title: Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting Developer: Naughty Bits
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $2.99 App Size: 53.9 MB
  • Good 3D graphics
  • Free-roam hunting
  • Several guns and locations
  • Achievements
  • Only one control scheme- steady aiming can be slightly difficult at times


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