World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend in Review – Poker? I Barely Know Her!

It seems that poker game apps run the same path as twitter and fart apps; more and more appear everyday. As is the case with most apps though, the majority are either just okay, or plain garbage. Lucky for me, I recently got my hands on a great release from Powerhouse developer Glu Mobile and their sure winner, World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legend.  This is a great app for seasoned vets and newcomers alike, read on to to see how the chips stacked up.

What sets the greats apart from the loads of poker App Store are the details: the extra effort that went into making the game.You’ll see exactly what I mean.

From the splash screen to the main menus, eye candy is everywhere. Bright colours, clean and crisp patterns and designs are everywhere. Compared to other apps I’ve played, WSOP is classy. When touring through the menus and various screens everything is clean, extremely easy to see/read, and vibrant. In game, the tables and cards all look great. They even fancied up the placeholder for your username and chip count.

Another thing that I love is location. Since the World Series Of Poker belongs to Harrah’s Interactive Entertainment, they use real casino locations in the game. They even show little video clips before you enter into a tournament at a new casino. A great little bit of promo work that adds a nice sense of authenticity to the game.

If you aren’t as seasoned a player as some, there is a great detailed help menu available. It is full of info on how to play, tips and info about the different types of gameplay I encourage even veterans of the game to check it out. Every game is a little bit different and knowing those differences can’t hurt.

As far as gameplay modes, they really have everyone covered here. The main modes that I liked and used the most are Cash game and Legend Career. The cash game is exactly that. You take money from your bankroll and enter into cash tournaments. In Legend Career you play in tournaments escalating in both buy-in price and prize amounts. Building up your bankroll, you earn achievements and unlock high stakes events on your journey to winning a coveted bracelet.

When you’re done playing with yourself (get your mind out of the gutter). They also have multiplayer modes. The basic multiplayer is a one button jump into an online 9 player matchup. Every time I used it, I waited seconds before being able to find players and get the game underway. Definitely a surprising treat that gives them a leg up on some of the competition. The other option they have available is a heads up bluetooth match. Do you have a friend that swears up and down that he’s better than you? well you can boot up and start a heads up match with each other using your bluetooth connection and finally put that argument to rest.

One really neat feature that they added to the game was a bit of a cheat. Picture this. Your in a tournament, it’s down to the final 2 and you just went all in thinking you had the win locked. Then out of nowhere you’ve lost! Game over? Not anymore. Glu added a really great feature where using in-app purchasing, you can cheat and get back into the game for $0.99. Not a feature everyone will use but a really handy thing to have just in case.

There are a lot more extras in this game in the way of features and whatnot. I wont go into all of them here but I will point out a couple that I thought were great. First is the stats. Here you can see how much money you have, how many matches you’ve played and some results. A great feature for someone who likes to track their play. Another is the achievements. Although not a necessary feature of the game, it gives you a sense of accomplishment occasionally during regular game play that adds an extra bit of fun to it. Not to mention that design wise the badges look awesome.

In the end, World Series Of Poker Hold ‘Em Legends is a great title. With some of the best design work I’ve seen in awhile and enough tournaments to keep even the most addicted player busy for quite awhile. Add in all the real world details that they’ve worked into the game and I think fans and new comers a like will find a lot of value in this game.


App Summary
Title: World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend Developer: Glu
Reviewed Ver: 1.2.0 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $2.99 App Size: 96.1 MB
  • Single & local/online multiplayer
  • Excellent design
  • Online play & leader boards
  • New “cheat” feature
  • None to mention


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