Tourist Lover in Review – take it off to get it on

If James Bond played video games, Tourist Lover, which places a fistful of romantic cities, 30 girls and breezy outfits in your palm, would be his staple pastime. Its goal is to liberate girls from their nearly thread-bare duds… and see what happens. Do it right and 007’s compliment, “That’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing”, is most apt.

Having never scoured the streets of Barcelona for late night love, I cannot say if Tourist Lover’s zippers are realistic or not. They make nice ‘popping’ sounds, but break far too easily. Perhaps they are plastic? What I can say is that virtual undressing is a simple and unique pleasure. It isn’t easy though. You are up against the clock, zipper strain, and knots. If the clock runs out, so does your luck. If you break a zipper, be prepared for an emotional slap and frustrated commentary. But, if you can navigate the somewhat slippery pathways of the dress, careful around corners, and teasing through knots, your cartoon enchantress will show you something. From there, your imagination should suffice.

And suffice it shall. There is no real nudity, but the sexy drawings do leave a bit of flesh on your screen. Fortunately, the girls are tastefully drawn and the background music is pretty fab. Actual game graphics, too, are smooth and eye-catching in bold colours. Zippers pop realistically and the entire package is a joy to peep on.

But navigating zippered trenches isn’t easy. If the tether goes red, it is about to break. And when smashing through knots, go slowly. In other words, rhythm needs to be balanced with titillation. If you run out of room, the screen will automatically pan to allow you to wiggle your fingers.

For 1.99$, Tourist Lover may seem a bit steep for the level of interaction/variation you receive, but one thing is for certain: this game is hardly a cardboard-cutout of another game. While I would hope to see a few more game modes and added levels to mix things up, Mobile Snack Labs have hit a winning formula with this risque title.

App Summary
Title: Tourist Lover Developer: Mobile Snack Labs
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 8.4 MB
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Never-seen-it-before gameplay
  • Sure to interest 50% of the population
  • Sometimes, lewd gameplay is perfect
  • Pricey?
  • Variation?


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