Samsung App Store for TVs and Blu-ray – Something smart from Samsung?

After living in South Korea for nigh on 8 months, I have come to expect the littlest of innovation and highest of domestic prices from the company whose GDP is larger than Venezuela’s. Despite outing a silly “me too” mobile phone app store, Samsung may have found something in this newer software venture. Starting with their 55-inch 9000 LED models, all 40-inch and larger TVs will be able to download apps. Then, it will move to their Blu-ray players, and ‘more’.

Users will be able to watch TV and download apps at the same time. Samsung’s size will make this move poignant for the market, and in order to keep up appearances, development is ‘open source’. Devs will not have to pony up to join the club, but then, their apps will only work on Samsung hardware. Open Source means a lot less when it is based on proprietary technology. Expect Samsung’s app store push to meet tie in to its ‘me too’ mobile phone market.

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Creative – and most of them keeping things at home, app stores are now a plague to consumers as much as an array of video formats. Since too few support proper open-source, consumers are left with fragmented functionality and a rising risk of their investment’s obsolescence. One by one, competitors will fall, but until then, you and I will continue to hear marketing lines from large corps. who don’t understand anything but tight-fisted fiscal lines. One by one, they lose market share until the Market decides on a victor.

[via CNET]

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