Glu’s New Year ($0.99) blowout sale

For all you iPhone/iPod Touch gamers out there on the constant look out for great App Store deals (or maybe that iTunes gift card from Christmas is just beggin’ you to spend more dough), you’ll be pleased to know that Glu Mobile has launched their N.Y $0.99 blowout sale on most of their hit games. Titles like Build-a-lot, Super KO Boxing 2, Beat It! and Glyder 2 are definitely great steals at a buck, so be sure grab ’em before the sale ends on Jan 11th. Happy Gaming!

Beat It! Glu, Beat It! – $0.99
Bonsai Blast Glu, Bonsai Blast – $0.99
Brain Genius Deluxe ? Glu, Brain Genius Deluxe â„¢ – $0.99
Build-a-lot Glu, Build-a-lot – $0.99
Cooking Star Glu, Cooking Star – $0.9
Cops & Robbers Glu, Cops & Robbers – $0.99
Family Guy: Uncensored Glu, Family Guy: Uncensored – $0.99
Glyder Glu, Glyder – $0.99
Glyder 2 Glu, Glyder 2 – $0.99
Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Glu, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds – $0.99
Space Monkey Glu, Space Monkey – $0.99
Super KO Boxing 2 Glu, Super KO Boxing 2 – $0.99
Taxi Fight! Glu, Taxi Fight! – $0.99
TRANSFORMERS ?  CyberToy Glu, TRANSFORMERS â„¢ CyberToy – $0.99
World Series of Poker Hold?em Legend Glu, World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend – $0.99

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