iQuarium in Review – The portable fish tank (Fish included!)

Have you always wanted a fish to care for and own that awesome looking aquarium for it to live in? Well, now you can with iQuarium! Developed by Infinite Dreams, iQuarium is hands down one of the best looking apps for the iDevice, especially on the 3GS. Not only does it look great, but how cool is it to have a fully interactive and intuitive fish living right in your iPhone/iPod Touch? Feel free to discuss this review of iQuarium in our forums.

With iQuarium, you really have the most realistic, close-to-the-real-thing creature living inside your phone. And if you’re wondering, it’s a Parrot Cichlid (sorry, no sharks yet but we can hope for that in a future update). iQuarium essentially brings a portable fish tank into your pocket without the mess. Your pet fish here is not only thirsty for attention, but it needs to be fed regularly and even played with on a regular basis – just like a real living fish.

The controls are simple and are described in detail in the help section within the app – all without ever losing sight of your fish. To feed it, there is a button on the top right of the screen for this very purpose. The other icon (lower left) brings up a menu where unlockable items can be placed into the aquarium as you see fit. Everything else is touch based; your fish reacts to every single touch on the screen. You can even drag your finger around the surface of your iDevice to have the fish follow you around.

Visually iQuarium is a seamless experience with no complicated menus or heavy loading screens. The graphics are excellent on the 3GS and it is just impressive to see how life-like the fish and aquarium look on the small screen. Infinite Dreams have also done a great job with the sound effects. Touching your screen will mimic the sound of glass being tapped and you can even hear the oxygen bubbles rising to the top of the aquarium.

iQuarium was recently updated with the popular OpenFeint network, which brings online achievements, leaderboards and friends lists to all its games. The update also includes more unlockables to deploy into your portable fish tank. You will begin with the most basic fish tank and progressively unlock more and more items. The unlock system works on points; for every 10 minutes your fish lives on your iDevice you get 1 point. The good thing here is that regardless of whether the app is open or not, points are still accumulated.

If you want to impress your friends with just how a simple application on the iDevice can be so mesmerizing and look so good, then this is “the app for that”. And if you have kids with an iPod Touch pestering you for that pet fish, now you can give them one with no worries or hassles of maintaining a real tank! I love everything about iQuarium – the genius way the fish reacts to everything you do, the amazing visuals, and the seemingly endless unlock system. Hopefully future updates will bring in more fish (maybe a Hermit Crab!), the ability to view other users’ fish tanks, and perhaps even be able to visually see your fish grow as you care for it.


App Summary
Title: iQuariumDeveloper: Infinite Dreams Inc.
Reviewed Ver:1.3Min OS Req:3.0
Price:$1.99App Size:22.0 MB
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Great Interface
  • No hickups for such a graphic intense app
  • Only one fish
  • Fish doesn’t show any visual growth over time
  • A bug I noticed with the clock unlock (it goes invisible)


This review of iQuarium was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Alejandro. You can find him on Twitter here

  • bbrown3333

    I fed and visited my fish at least once a day since I got her. Today I went in and it said she was dead because i have not fed her for a week. I have never gone longer than 12-24 hours between visits and feedings I feel very cheated and want to know why this happened.

  • Kyle H.

    This is an amazing app. I just got new fish food yesterday and now my fish is blue. The new fish food is blue too.

  • BoomerGirl258

    my fish is bright blue and i’m not sure why. bbrown3333, the same thing happened to me too before and i don’t get it either.

  • Leroy

    Me too

  • Leroy

    I also fed my fish as instructed and 1 day I was told the fish was dead because I didn’t feed it. I also feelcheated and would like to know what went wrong?

  • vyurdin

    there was a serious bug that prabibly sped up time i suppose that killed the fish but then bug fix was later relesed to fix that problem.

    same thing happened with mine.

  • Ashleigh

    My fish turned Purple? But I haven’t gotten new food. I visit her at least three times a day- does anyone have any ideas as to why she is now a very vibrant purple?

  • Cheated!

    I thought this would be a relaxing little application and enjoyed the trial enough to pay for it. Unfortunately it’s a complete scam, because I was in there at least 2-3 times a day and I too am now looking at a dead fish. If I’d paid more than a dollar for it I’d be looking to get my money back – and maybe that’s the point, they charge less than a dollar so it’s not worth the EFFORT to try to get your money back. Cheap and dirty.

  • Alex

    This app is awesome, I just got a second fish and can turn my fish 3 different colors depending on what food I feed them not to mention I have a second theme which for those of you that don’t know I won’t spoil the surprise but it keeps getting better. My favorite part is the second fish and I hope I can get a third and fourth. For the record, aside from a few kinks bc I definiteley lost two fish before I got this far, this app is well worth 5 or 10 dollars

  • Dee

    I just got mine a couple days ago, I have two plants, a rock and a backdrop. Today I saw a treasure chest fall slowly into my tank and then it disappeared, was I suppose to tap on it or something?

  • ME

    @Dee I think that’s just the mechanism to deliver you a points bonus.

    I’ve had my tank for about a week, and have used it quite a lot, but I haven’t got any unlocks. I can’t see anything on the list with a lock on it like in the image above, all I have is the tank, fish and food.
    Am I going to get some rocks or a plant eventually or has the game screwed up somehow?
    I’m seriously beginning to think it’s a glitch, because any game making you use it for a week, with over 5 hours of play before you get any reward is a pretty stupidly designed game.

    I can’t see any clock at all either.

    My fish alternates between purple and orange, but I thought that was just because it’s a ‘rainbow’ fish.

    Anyway, I’m getting very frustrated at the lack of instructions or explanations from the app creator. I’m starting to feel pretty ripped off. Granted it’s only a dollar or two, but these days there’s really no excuse for such a buggy program.

  • Robbie

    I’m having the same problem here… feeding this damn fish for about a week now, still in dark water, no plants, no rock, no nothing…

    A few more days and i’ll kick it off my iPhone…

  • Take a look at the TouchMyApps forum thread about iQuarium – should be a good place to get better (quicker) replies. Perhaps we can develop a strategy there too.

    TouchMyApps iQuarium review forum thread

  • Adam

    I think the problem is down to iQuarium thinking that the date has moved when it has not. Maybe you accidentally moved the iPhone date forwards. Anyway the same thing happened to me, upsetting my 6yr old daughter. What you can do is cheat the system to earn back your points. Firslty feed your fish. Then change the date to five days forwards. Go back into iQuarium and feed your fish again. Keep doing this in five day increments and you will keep earning five days worth of points. If you go for more than five days then your fish will die (thinks that you haven’t fed it). You will quickly build up a LOT of points and unlock various backgrounds, treasures and coloured feeds allowing you to change the colour of your fish and your new baby fish!! ENJOY

  • Robbie

    hi I tried your tip! Great!
    Already over 5000 points… But still no backgrounds or whatsoever.. Any IDEA how much points I need to unlock certain things?

  • liam

    You should tap the treasure chest, it will open and give you extra points, usually 150.I seem to get the chest every 2 or 3 days.

  • Lista

    Did you tap the screen and shw your fish where its food was, sometimes they dont notice the food

  • ME

    Ok so call me stupid, but I didn’t know you could scroll down the menu of items to see other items. Turns out I have a few….
    Actually don’t call me stupid, call the app designers stupid for giving no instructions. Even an arrow or a ‘hey you’ve got new items available’ would have worked as a pointer to tell players what the f#$@ we’re supposed to do.

    Was this the problem for you other guys too?

  • beau

    it was a bug that killed your fish. the app creator has appologized and has put a treasure chest inside the game…. all you do is click on the “i”.. go to “help”…. scroll alllllllll the way to the bottom untill you cant go any further.. then place your finger on the “Q” of iquarium and hold it there until the name dissapears! you will instantly gain 5000 points!

    (ikno this b/c my fish died too but now im back to where i started)

    ps. you must have the most “up to date” version in order for this treasure chest to work!

    you akk are welcome

  • Laurence Baker

    Absolutely delighted with my Parrot fish ‘Merlin’ and its fantastic surrounds. I would be pleased to know if you manufacture a larger item, in some sort of a frame, with similar content, that would be suitable to hang on a wall? Say about 10″ x 12″. That would be really something! Please reply if possible, Sincerely Laurence, London UK.

  • iPhone Lover

    I love this app! It’s so beautiful and the fish, background, and everything about it works just perfectly! The graphic renders are amazingly lifelike and glitch-free. Not a single hang-up! Question, though: When I tap the screen to feed my fish, he goes a bit crazy and gyrates like mad. Is this normal?

  • MaryJane

    Hi there – love my fish but would love more – roughly how many points is it until you get another one / baby etc? Thanks

  • Katie

    It’s like 9,999 points :)

  • MaryJane

    Thanks Katie – nearly there then!

  • Sarah

    Is this app reliant on having internet access? We’re going on holiday in September for two weeks and I’m not sure if there’s going to be any means of connecting to the Internet. I’m absurdly fond of this little fish, and would be very sad if it died simply because I can’t access it to feed it – also a bit miffed to lose all my hard-earned points!

  • Louis


    I don’t believe iQuarium relies on internet access. Only the OpenFeint portion of the game requires internet (for achievements, leaderboards etc), but the meat of the gameplay is all enjoyed offline. Hope that helps :)

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for this Louis – it was rather what I’d hoped… but I am starting to question my sanity in arranging my holiday around an animated fish!

  • Louis

    Np Sarah :) Good luck planning your holidays and don’t forget to feed your virtual/animated fish!

  • TV

    Hi there, yes this is completely normal. If you tap the screen it can scare the fish so when you tap the feed icon to feed it the system also registers it a a tap on the screen and scares the fish. It wont hurt the fish.

  • Sarah

    He eats better than the rest of us!

  • Still wondering….my fish is blue, too. At first it was just once in a while but after adding a 2nd fish, they both seem to have gone permanently blue. Too MUCH feeding? Anyone know why this happens????

  • Penelope

    You can’t just click on the food and think you are done. You have to make sure the fish eats. Sometimes you think you have fed your fish, but it either didn’t release any food (because you didn’t click right on the food), or the fish didn’t eat it. If your fish turns color, it’s because you are using a different color fish food. If you have lots of points and still can’t see anything, you probably haven’t activated any of the decor. Click on the fish bowl on the bottom left and click to put a check mark beside the things you want to be in your tank. when you earn something new, it puts a red exclamation point on the bowl on the bottom left. Does this help anyone.

  • katerina

    hello dear all,

    i m so in love with my new game and the points i ve earned and also bought.
    does anybody know why suddenly i lost all of them ?? i dont know what happened :(

  • Penelope

    When I went from the free version to the paid for version, I had to start over. Was that your problem?

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  • Natalia

    Uhh yah I just read tht you asked for sumone to reply so here I am replying haha ha toodaloo

  • Purchased the full version of iquarium for my son’s iPod touch and it came up and we can earn points, but we can’t get the fish or anything else. Please help concerned mom

  • Downloaded the full version of iquarium on my sons iPod touch and I’ve tried to get his fish cause he had enough points but it won’t unlock and allow us to get it. What is the deal? I’ve got it on my iPhone and have had no prob please help

  • Bron

    I’ve had my fish for ages and now am aiming to get them a pagoda but there doesn’t seem to be anything for them to get after that? Do they get anymore things or is this it?

  • Ariel

    I have just got as far as the pagoda and that certainly looks like all. I have had my fishes for 5 months!I certainly hope there are more adventures for the fish to enjoy

  • upated my iquarium now when i tap the food container to feed my fish it get a red ring around the container. does not seem like food comes out. fish will die if not fed. what to do?

  • do the update to the app

  • von

    I have over 53,000 points. aAfter the last update i only have the background that was on the screen, 3 fish food, the tank, bubbles and my 2 fish. All my other backgrounds, tank items, plants, rocks etc are no longer available to choose.
    This really sucks after doing this for so long. What now?

  • Susan

    Click on the food, the red ring shows up, then touch somewhere in your tank and a piece of fish food will appear.

  • Karisst

    It says iv’e unlocked marine blue (looks like a blue fish i think from tiny pic) but it hasn’t appeared. Any ideas please.

  • Fish Tanks

    if you’re a fish eating vegetarian the only thing that i ask is that you clarify that most vegetarians don’t eat fish when people ask you about it.


  • Von

    I have over 53,000 points. After the last update i only have the background that was on the screen, 3 fish food, the tank, bubbles and my 2 fish. All my other backgrounds, tank items, plants, rocks etc are no longer available to choose.
    This really sucks after doing this for so long. What now?

    I posted the comment above 3 wks ago and no help so far. Now I can’t even change the color. I now have 56,000 points and all I can do is feed them the same color food. No plants, rocks or other items are even showing as available to choose anymore.
    Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Tony

    Hey friends I have the free iQuarium. And I collected the points for the second fish, but I cant take it? Why it is this happened?

  • Pikapiecutie

    hey u said in the bad things u get one fish but you get two i have 2 anyway !!!XXX

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