iQuarium in Review – The portable fish tank (Fish included!)

Have you always wanted a fish to care for and own that awesome looking aquarium for it to live in? Well, now you can with iQuarium! Developed by Infinite Dreams, iQuarium is hands down one of the best looking apps for the iDevice, especially on the 3GS. Not only does it look great, but how cool is it to have a fully interactive and intuitive fish living right in your iPhone/iPod Touch? Feel free to discuss this review of iQuarium in our forums.

With iQuarium, you really have the most realistic, close-to-the-real-thing creature living inside your phone. And if you’re wondering, it’s a Parrot Cichlid (sorry, no sharks yet but we can hope for that in a future update). iQuarium essentially brings a portable fish tank into your pocket without the mess. Your pet fish here is not only thirsty for attention, but it needs to be fed regularly and even played with on a regular basis – just like a real living fish.

The controls are simple and are described in detail in the help section within the app – all without ever losing sight of your fish. To feed it, there is a button on the top right of the screen for this very purpose. The other icon (lower left) brings up a menu where unlockable items can be placed into the aquarium as you see fit. Everything else is touch based; your fish reacts to every single touch on the screen. You can even drag your finger around the surface of your iDevice to have the fish follow you around.

Visually iQuarium is a seamless experience with no complicated menus or heavy loading screens. The graphics are excellent on the 3GS and it is just impressive to see how life-like the fish and aquarium look on the small screen. Infinite Dreams have also done a great job with the sound effects. Touching your screen will mimic the sound of glass being tapped and you can even hear the oxygen bubbles rising to the top of the aquarium.

iQuarium was recently updated with the popular OpenFeint network, which brings online achievements, leaderboards and friends lists to all its games. The update also includes more unlockables to deploy into your portable fish tank. You will begin with the most basic fish tank and progressively unlock more and more items. The unlock system works on points; for every 10 minutes your fish lives on your iDevice you get 1 point. The good thing here is that regardless of whether the app is open or not, points are still accumulated.

If you want to impress your friends with just how a simple application on the iDevice can be so mesmerizing and look so good, then this is “the app for that”. And if you have kids with an iPod Touch pestering you for that pet fish, now you can give them one with no worries or hassles of maintaining a real tank! I love everything about iQuarium – the genius way the fish reacts to everything you do, the amazing visuals, and the seemingly endless unlock system. Hopefully future updates will bring in more fish (maybe a Hermit Crab!), the ability to view other users’ fish tanks, and perhaps even be able to visually see your fish grow as you care for it.


App Summary
Title: iQuarium Developer: Infinite Dreams Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.3 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 22.0 MB
  • Amazing Visuals
  • Great Interface
  • No hickups for such a graphic intense app
  • Only one fish
  • Fish doesn’t show any visual growth over time
  • A bug I noticed with the clock unlock (it goes invisible)


This review of iQuarium was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Alejandro. You can find him on Twitter here

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