iPaying for the news – Capital N

News houses have been hit hard by a failing economy and by the times. Many customers no longer buy newspapers; instead, they selectively read news sites, feeds, and social network reports. But at the same time, dwindling reliance upon dead trees means less overhead cost. Still, as news corporations face the times, and like the music industry, learn to step to a different tune, consumers will be hitby a wave of new revenue-making schemes. If not portal adverts, online subscriptions and cost per link options are bound rise to popularity. The iDevice, may be another option. Fox News and The Guardian have run with the iDevice, creating pay-once apps that allow precipitate referencing. Below are a few large publications whose N has gone capital:

FOX News Pro Top Pick, FOX News Pro – $1.99

The Guardian Guardian News and Media Limited, The Guardian – $3.99

CNN Mobile CNN Interactive Group, Inc., CNN Mobile – $1.99

BBC Mobile News Reader RIV Creations, BBC Mobile News Reader – $0.99

Gay News (The News App for Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender People) Splaysoft, LLC., Gay News (The News App for Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender People) – $0.99

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