AppVault Pro in Review – When AppBox Pro just isn’t enough

You all might be aware of AppBox Pro - it has been one of the top paid apps on iTunes for a while now. I’ve always loved this all-in-one utilities app. It saved so much space by condensing all those individual apps into one convenient package. But what if I told you there was something better? Something prettier, cooler, and spiffier. Just released on December 29, 2009 by C3 Software, I introduce AppVault Pro. Not only is it better than its counterpart, it does more. Yes, you heard me. More. In fact, 6 more.

Let’s begin with the interface. Beautiful. Just beautiful. You can choose between 5 settings for the background color and there is an option for you to set the layout of the apps to 3×4 or 4×5. While these options are sufficient, I personally would have loved the ability to set the background to any color or even  saved photo.  It would also be great if users are able to rename the apps and personalize them for that extra added touch.

Now for the apps themselves, there’s an extensive list including:

AppVault Pro Apps
  • iTunes Alarm Clock
  • Battery
  • Flashlight
  • Translator
  • Unit Converter
  • Bible
  • Tip Calculator
  • Level
  • Currency Converter
  • Dice
  • System Info
  • Price Compare
  • Ruler
  • Days Until
  • Loan Calc
  • Holidays
  • Date Calc
  • Parking Buddy
  • Sale Price
  • iPlasma
  • Dashboard
  • Guitar Tools
  • Web Apps
  • Period Calc
  • Coin Flip

From here I will be giving a brief overview of some of the apps and comparing them to AppBox Pro, as there are many similarities between them.

AppVault Pro vs AppBox Pro

What’s Worse? These apps are not as good as its competitor or only slightly worse. In this case, the difference is very slight:

  • Translator – Like AppBox Pro, AppVault Pro’s translator is powered by Google. The translations aren’t quite as reliable but they are good enough. However, in AppleVault Pro, you cannot select the text while the keyboard is present – you have to tap out of the keyboard mode and then hold your finger on the text again to select it. It’s not that big of a deal, but every time I want to select a certain piece of text I have to tap out and it just annoys me.

What’s Identical? - These apps are pretty much identical to its counterpart with no big changes to functionality or user friendly interfaces.

  • DateCalc – Loses the lunar calendar and instead has a fun, entertainment-purpose only “Date” Calc, which tells you what age range you are allowed to date.
  • DaysUntil – It simply tells you how many days until a certain date entered.
  • Currency – The exchange rates are powered by Yahoo. It is slightly more user friendly than the competitor but negligible.
  • Level –  Great tool for all you carpenters out there.
  • Price Compare – Price Grab in disguise.
  • Ruler – Rule anything and everything!… or measure it
  • Dashboard – Quick view of some apps that are used often.
  • SalePrice – See how much you are saving or paying.
  • LoanCalc – See how much you owe or need to pay.
  • WebApps – Apps. But on the web.

What’s Better? - These apps are improved and better than the rival’s. Much better to slightly better in functionality and/or aesthetics or user friendliness.

  • Flashlight – Now with strobe lights. Take them to your next rave and party!
  • Dice – Similar to Random but have been optimized for gamer uses as well. Now you can set the amount of times you roll a set die at 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or even a custom number AND add the numbers together all with 1 touch.
  • Battery – It is now a little more accurate, showing decreases in battery life in increments of 5% and a slightly more accurate read on battery life. However, it still grossly overestimates the amount of life you have.
  • Units – Now conversion of units are easy. The interface is a heck of a lot more user friendly and less cluttered.

What’s New? - With the addition of these all new apps, they literally pay for themselves and more.

  • Bible – For those Christians, evangelists, and bible enthusiasts. Now you can have the Bible in the palm of your hand at all times and even save your favorite passages. Only issue I have with this is that you need internet connection.
  • MusicAlarm – Wake up to the sweet sounds of your favorite artist. This alarm allows you to set the length of snooze, and you can pick any song from your iTunes library. The downside is that you can’t set multiple alarms, and the alarm time can only be set in increments of 5 minutes.
  • CoinFlip – Beautiful shiny coins, the kind of shine you can only get from a polished bald man’s head, are at your disposal in this app. Choose from 4 different coins and flip away for fun or to make a choice for all you indecisive people.
  • GuitarMachine – Wow. This alone will cover the additional $1 or $2. Actually, I could probably write a whole other review just for this. Whether you are an avid guitar player or just a noob, this app is right for you. Choose from a multitude of chords and learn how to play them. Not only that, you can swipe your finger across the screen and it will play the chord for you! This app also includes a metronome. Set the beats per second to track how fast you should be playing. The metronome even continues in sleep mode just like regular iTunes songs. That’s not all folks, there’s even more. You also get a string tuner that can be set to a variety of options to fit your needs and an auto tuner if you can’t tune by ear. It will also tell you the frequency and note so you can adjust your strings accordingly until the light turns blue. Just go to a quiet area and strum into the mic of your iPhone or your iPod Touch if you have the earphone + mic.
  • iPlasma – This app is just for fun. It’s like a lava lamp but it reacts to your touch. You can also select different colors. It’s wacky but cool.
  • ParkingBuddy – When you have a bad memory, never fear, ParkingBuddy is here! Using GPS you can record and track where you parked your car, even taking pictures of your spot and of reference points. Internet connectivity required.

AppVault Pro is one of the best values you can get in the App Store. It includes all the little apps you use once in a while in addition to ones you use every day. Sure, some of the individual apps themselves can use some fine tuning, but as a whole, C3 Software have done a splendid job creating an excellent all-in-one utililites app. If you were planning on getting AppBox Pro, I highly recommend you take a good hard look at AppVault Pro. You won’t regret it.


App Summary
Title: AppVault Pro Developer: MCR Systems
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 9.7 MB
  • Better than AppBox Pro
  • A lot of variety in useful apps
  • Beautiful interface
  • Great value
  • Lacks personalization of apps
  • Sometimes faulty back button


This review of AppVault Pro was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Chang.

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