iStimulate – put some tongue into it!

7f inc., probably mislabeled their latest app, the tongue-twisting iStimulate. It should be filed under lifestyle, or perhaps health and fitness; part of me wants to cram it into the crowded medical app category. None of the above. iStimulate has been slotted into the game sector of the App Store – but mind you, not the typical, atypical iDevice sort of game. Forget shaking, tilting, bouncing, stroking – actually, the latter one strikes rather close to home. Make sure to wash your screen before hand though,  and I recommend a little (please find link for rubbing alcohol). You may also want to freshen your breath.

iStimulate 7f inc, iStimulate – $0.99

This is a fun, challenging game where you consistently lick or tap the earlobe of a cartoon ear until you win the game. iStimulate is a unique game which requires the skills of consistency and precision.

7f’s app is really quite intimate. Put your tongue in, put your tongue out. Put your tongue in and shake it all about – iStimulate elevates typical user/iDevice interaction to new heights, hardening users to the rigours of foreplay as they trace the gentle contours of a cartoon earlobe with either a. the tongue, or b. their finger. If that doesn’t excite you, the price may. iStimulate is currently up for 99 cents which is both safer and cheaper than a real date. But remember, skin or glass, human or handy, foreplay should always be done in a safe, clean environment. Up late? iStimulate.

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