Unleash PowerPoint on your iPhone with Documents to Go Premium update

When it comes to viewing and editing Microsoft Office products on your iPhone/iPod Touch (primarily Word and Excel), there are essentially two apps that lead the way: QuickOffice and Documents to Go. Each have their own strengths and a user base that prefer one over the other. If you’re a heavy PowerPoint user however, choosing DataViz’s Office suite just got easier. With the latest 3.0 update of Documents to Go Premium, users can now even create/edit PowerPoint slides right on their trusty iDevices. For road warriors who do their share of presentations, this new ability could prove invaluable indeed. Another great new feature found in this update is the added support for Gmail attachments. That’s right, you can now edit/view files directly from your Gmail account. For those who don’t require PowerPoint, check out DocsToGo, which has less features but a more affordable price tag ($9.99). Complete app details after the break.

Documents To Go� Premium DataViz, Inc., Documents To Go® Premium – $14.99

App Description:

*** Now with PowerPoint EDITING! The 1st & ONLY Office suite for iPhone with viewing & editing of all 3 formats (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)***

“DocsToGo” Premium lets you:

  • EDIT, CREATE & VIEW Word, Excel & PowerPoint files
  • Includes support for Office 2007/2008
  • View PDF, Apple iWork & other files
  • Send & receive MS Exchange e-mail OR Gmail with attachments (edit/view attachments in Docs To Go)
  • Includes desktop app (Win & Mac) with 2-way file sync (Wi-Fi required)

DocsToGo, now in its 10th year, is developed by DataViz, Inc., a producer of quality software for Macs & PCs for over 25 years. DocsToGo is currently pre-loaded on millions of devices around the world, including BlackBerry, Palm & others.


  • View, edit & create Word (.doc, .docx) files
  • Unique InTact Technology retains original document formatting of edited files
  • High fidelity viewing: embedded graphics, tables, comments, footnotes/endnotes, text boxes
  • Supports password-protected Word 97-2004 files
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Character formatting: fonts, bold, italic, underline, text color & highlight
  • Alignment (Left, Center, Right, Justified, Distributed)
  • Text selection: double tap (single word), triple tap (paragraph)
  • Portrait, landscape & full screen views
  • Auto bullets & numbers
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Find & Replace
  • Word Count
  • Table of contents & hyperlink support


  • View, edit & create Excel (.xls, .xlsx) spreadsheets
  • Unique InTact Technology retains original document formatting of edited files
  • Supports 111 functions
  • Supports password protected Excel 97-2004 files
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Cell formatting: fonts, Bold, Italic, Underline, alignment, cell shading, text color
  • Number formatting: general, number, scientific, currency, percent, text, date & time
  • Portrait, landscape & full screen views
  • Insert/delete rows & columns
  • Resize/hide/unhide rows & columns
  • Rename/insert/delete sheets
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Find/Find Next


  • View, edit & create PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) files
  • Unique InTact Technology retains original document formatting of edited files
  • View/edit Outline
  • View/edit speaker Notes
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Multiple Undo/Redo
  • Insert/delete/duplicate/sort slides
  • Go to slide
  • Promote/demote bullets
  • Find & Replace
  • Portrait, landscape & full screen views


  • Thumbnail, Fit To Screen, Fit To Width & Actual Size views
  • Go to page
  • Remembers last page opened
  • Open password-protected PDFs
  • Full screen view with floating controls
  • Tap zooming


  • MS Exchange e-mail or Gmail with supported attachments are downloaded into DocsToGo
  • Attachments can then be viewed or edited
  • Create, reply or forward e-mail with attachments to send off right away

Users can download a desktop app for 2-way file sync using a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Sync & transfer files in one easy-to-use desktop app
  • Sync entire folders or select individual files to bring down

DocsToGo also incorporates Apple’s built-in viewers for viewing the following file types:

  • iWork ‘08, ‘09 (’05, ’06 NOT supported)
  • bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, svg, png, html, htm


  • iPhone OS 3.0 or above
  • Win XP, Vista, 7
  • Mac OS X 10.4.10 or above (G3 Macs not supported)
  • Desktop sync requires device to be connected via Wi-Fi to same network as computer
  • Exchange Server 2003, 2007

More info at www.dataviz.com
What’s new

1) Edit & create PowerPoint presentations:

  • Edit/add bullets and text in Outline and see changes immediately in Slide view
  • Edit/add speaker notes
  • Sort, add, duplicate and delete slides

2) Added support for Gmail attachments

  • Edit/view attachments through Docs To Go

3) Product name change

  • From “Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments” to “Documents To Go Premium”

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