Nokia to Apple: “All your stuff are belong to us”

Nokia have joined the myriad companies who have it in for Apple, attacking everything from WiFi to them darn cellular waves. Then, Apple countered with a suit of its own. That was fall 2009; but winter cometh and Nokia are back at it, this time gunning for every Apple gizmo to grace the hands of fans since… forever. The most recent suit lays claim to patents which would affect “virtually all” Apple products.

Nokia haven’t been doing all that well recently; their market share is a static mess compared to a few fortunate rivals; and while Symbian OS is exciting, the poor Finns are receiving a handy smack around by their Californicative rivals. Sure, Nokia sell more phones than any other manufacturer, but they have little to boast of else-wise. So, here goes legal battle series two in a clash of the titans. If Nokia win, all Apple’s bases may change hands. Thank god for drama.

[via MacRumors]

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