Unleashing the full power of your A2DP enabled Bluetooth headsets

One of the strange and unexplainable limitations Apple put in place when adding A2DP support to the iPhone OS 3.0 was limiting the mono headsets to the simpler protocol. That is even though you have a state of the art headset that (theoretically) is perfectly capable of playing music, podcasts, etc. on your “Jesus” phone, you can’t. You’re limited to the basic handsfree functionality. And only because you have a mono headset (single earpiece).

Well, no more! Jailbreakers – rejoice! Just yesterday a new toggle for SBSettings appeared on Cydia that allows one to turn on full A2DP functionality for the mono headsets (provided they support it of course). The developer we have to thank for is Weydson Lima and the toggle is called (unsurprisingly) Bluetooth Mono SBSettings Toggle.

This toggle requires iPhone OS 3.1 or newer

Allows audio redirection from iPhone to Bluetooth mono headsets. Thus, you can use any app such as Skype, fring, etc with a mono headset. You can listen to music as well. Enable the toggle after Bluetooth is paired to your phone.

I have already downloaded/installed the toggle and can verify that it indeed works as advertised. Go get it!

Note: Our full review of the amazing SBSettings app can be found here

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