ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month – Good deeds shall not go unpunished by a $10 iTunes Gift Card

Here at TouchMyApps we are committed to not only bring the latest and best news, reviews tips and tricks on all things iPhone and iPod Touch, but also to build a community of likewise minded people. To this extent we will soon put into place the TMA forums.

Meanwhile, we also very much appreciate your comments on our work, that can be left using the easy-to-use “comments” feature available at the bottom of each of our article pages – whether it’s news, reviews, best-of or any other. And one such recent comments made me decide that we should show our appreciation in a more monetary way.

To this extent I announce that starting this moment I am initiating my own ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest. Each month I am going to select the best comment on one of MY pieces and reward it with a $10 iTunes Gift Card. Yes, I HAVE gone bonkers, cause I’m spending quite a substantial part of my own paycheque on it (unfortunately writing DOESN’T pay – at least until you readers make us one the top sites out there). Anyway, I must point out that I will pay special attention to the comments to my column pieces (The JBnator Diaries, iTête à iTête, ChiffaN’s Rants), though comments to my news and reviews may be rewarded as well if they will be found worthy.

The winner and inspirer of the contest for December 2009 can be found after the gap as well as a recap of the rules.

And the winner for the best comment of December 2009 is (drum roll) – Alky-holic for his/her (don’t know yet :) ) excellent reply to my The JBnator Diaries – Fixing Push Notifications and YouTube on “hacktivated” phones.

Awesome! This worked for me.

Took me a bit of reading though to fully get everything to work. Being a relatively new iPhone user, i pretty much had to start from scratch when it comes to jailbreaking, etc.

You might wanna mention (for the newbies like me) that you also have to install a certain app so that you can browse the private folders (i can’t remember what app it is anymore but it sounded like afc2—-)

Also, when using MobileTerminal, it is important to make sure that the K in “Keychains” is capitalized as it will not work otherwise. There is also a period before the /inject command (it was hard to see with the font, had to copy paste it to notepad to see it better)

Sorry, these may be totally stupid things to bring up, but for the total newbie like me i think it would help a lot :)

Awesome guide! Thank you for letting me get my push notifications to work!

I think it’s quite obvious why I’ve chosen it. Congratulations and look for your $10 iTunes GC in the mail (hope you left a real one). For everybody else I will just give a give recap of the rules:

  • Winner will be hand-picked by me at the end of each month
  • Only comments to my articles are eligible
  • Only comments left since the last award are eligible
  • Special attention will be paid to The JBnator Diaries, iTête à iTête, ChiffaN’s Rants pieces – both old and new

So – keep on sharing your ideas and thoughts on our work and you too could be the next owner of a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

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