TMA Springboard Favourites: Games

TMA has a pretty gnarly selection of editors and contributors from around the globe. And in the spirit of giving and taking, we would like to share our favourite App Store games with you. Strap on your safety belts and get your pens in order because this article is about to shed light on the darkest of our gaming secrets.

Louis: The fat cat who started it all has an amazing knack for finding classic games. It would be smart to consider his favourite games therapeutic benchmarks among puss-filled rivals.

GenreApp Store link TMA reviewThe low-down
RacingNeed for Speed Shift Need for Speed Shift – $6.99EA delivers once again with one of the best racing experiences on the iPhone.
PuzzleDrop7 Drop7 – $2.99Tetris meets Sudoku in this wonderful puzzler that will consume chunks of your free time.
ActionN.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance – $6.99HALO brought to life on your iPhone. What more do you want?
ArcadeLabyrinth 2 Labyrinth 2 – $4.99A near perfectly executed game with unlimited replay value thanks to its many excellent features.
StrategygeoDefense geoDefense – $1.99One of the best Tower Defence games on the iDevice. Great visuals and challenging as hell.

shigzeo: What can I say? He’s one of the worst gamers I know, but his one working eye never fails to find treasures. Count him a heavy RPG and strategy player who every once-in-a-while can pull the trigger.

GenreApp Store link TMA reviewThe low-down
RPGThe Quest The Quest – $5.99This Classic RPG is deep: massive crafting, at least 50 hours of story gameplay, and great sandbox play.
StrategyPalm Heroes Palm Heroes – $5.99Just like Heroes of Might and Magic, but palm-sized and more addictive than ever.
ActionProject Phoenix Project Phoenix – $1.99If you like team-based action games like the classic Jackal, Project Phoenix has most bases covered.
Strategy7 Cities 7 Cities – $2.997Cities does everything with class and character and was the first to advance deep upgrade tactics.
Time Mngmnt.Hospital Havoc Hospital Havoc – $3.99Frantic and cute, Hospital Havoc puts the right emphasis in the right places for perfect fun.

ChiffaN: This man is a self-dubbed adventure gamer. While he does games in all flavours, his favourites tend to the deeper side of gaming. The following keep him in the abyss of iDevice fun.

GenreApp Store link TMA review The low-down
StrategyPalm Heroes Palm Heroes – $5.99It’s Heroes of Might & Magic for the iPhone – what else is needed to be said?
RPGUndercroft Undercroft – $4.99Authentic old-school party RPG experience for the iGeneration.
AdventureBeneath a Steel Sky: Remastered Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered – $2.99A cult classic remastered for the iDevice and a model of point-and-click adventure gaming on the platform.
ActionFallen EP-1 Fallen EP-1 – $1.99If you think that there is no such thing as a really scary Survival Horror iPhone game – check out Fallen and think again.
PuzzleAuditorium Auditorium – $1.99If music was visible – it would look like Auditorium.

Enuh Iglesias: Chatty and fun, Enuh writes like she games: with snap and poise. It’s no surprise that she enjoys cute, fun games which are good for any amount of play time and which can fit any time bill.

GenreApp Store link TMA reviewThe low-down
PuzzleSuper Juicy Super Juicy – $0.99Super Juicy is a truly delicious, bubble-popping delight that is the best of Technicolor and heady physics combined.
Time Mngmnt.Zombie Pizza Zombie Pizza – $1.99With (literally) eye-popping graphics, a hilarious soundtrack and frantic fingerplay, the insanely addictive Zombie Pizza is one game my device cannot live without.
Time Mngmnt.Hospital Havoc Hospital Havoc – $3.99In a league of its own, Hospital Havoc is one of the most beautifully designed, thoughtfully executed and by far the most challenging time management game out there.
ActionFlickitty Flickitty – $1.99Flickitty, a cute, elastic and invincible cat is also the star of a dazzlingly original, genre-bending game.
Board GameMONOPOLY MONOPOLY – $4.99Monopoly captures the charm and nostalgia of the original board game while completely modernizing its controls and functions – just perfect for playing alone or with company.

SteveNaka: Jack-of-All-Trades Nakashima is the man I like to call Steve. His many talents have taken him all over the App Store and in and out of the most classic of gaming apps and will continue to float all of our boats.

GenreApp Store link TMA reviewThe low-down
ActionEliminate Pro Eliminate Pro – FreeAmazing FREE Quake style shooter.
ActionUnderground Underground – $3.99One of the best side scrolling games in the AppStore. Great themed graphics  and addictive gameplay.
Puzzle GameElectric Box Electric Box – $1.99Great puzzle game that gets incredibly difficult yet doesn’t lose it’s playability.
Board GameTHE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition THE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition – $2.99A perfect recreation of the classic boardgame title with amusing added twists.
ArcadeCornhole All-Stars Cornhole All-Stars – FreeDespite it’s recent censorship hurdles, it remainsone of my favorite pick upand play titles.

Matthew: The youngest among us, but probably TMA’s smartest, cleverest little buck. Look for his reviews behind some of the App Store’s most unique apps and games and behind the sort of jokes which would make a sailor blush.

GenreApp Store link TMA reviewThe low-down
Board GameMonster Ball Monster Ball – $1.99If chess and checkers had a baby, this hybrid offspring would be the result – it’s so good it’s scary.
ActionModern Combat: Sandstorm Modern Combat: Sandstorm$4.99With a riveting storyline, stunning visuals and online multiplayer, MC: S is Modern Warfare on an MP4 player.
MusicSpeed Forge Extreme BeatRider Touch +50 1.2 – $2.99The closest thing to AudioSurf that lets you use your own music.
RacingSpeed Forge Extreme Speed Forge Extreme – $2.99Possibly the most realistic, and fun racer on the iDevice that offers a true Wipeout experience.
MusicSpeed Forge Extreme Beat It! – $2.99Although not affiliated with Michael Jackson, Beat It! lays down a bustin’ beat against its competition with its quirky art style and catchy rhythm.


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