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One of the things the iPhone lacked at launch was an iPhone to iPhone messenger. Yes we all have various text message bundles, but odds are that you have a monthly limit. There have been a few entrants in the iDevice to iDevice messaging arena. However in a lot of cases either the price is high, the features are too limited, or the UI is hideous. Thankfully I was able to get my hands on pushme.to from developers Treebune s.r.l. and I couldn’t be any happier.

This app is exactly what I am looking for in a messaging app. It is clean and uncluttered. Using black as the main background colour and white/grey as secondary colours, everything pops out at you and is easy to see. Viewing messages looks almost like reading an email with the plain black text on a white background, with some grey and blue accent. The screen for composing messages looks a lot like your built in sms client, so you’ll definitely feel comfortable and know what to put where. The subtle accents of colour to an otherwise black and white design work well in keeping it easy to use and still attractive to look at.

Using pushme.to is just as easy as your built in client. From the composition screen, you type in a contact’s pushme.to nickname and the message below and hit send. The message is instantly delivered and as long as they have push notifications enabled, they will see a pop-up message. This app makes full use of all abilities available. When the message is received, you get a pop up box with the message in it. Theres an audio notification if you have the volume up, as well as an icon badge with the amount of messages within.

Now if thats too many steps for you, don’t worry about it. They got that covered too. Open up your contact card for anyone that has pushme.to installed and under the “Homepage” field, insert their pushme.to/nickname address. Then anytime you want to message one of them, just browse your contacts and tap the field. It will launch the app for you, pop their name in the “message to” field and your halfway done already.

The only thing I would have rather had is that instead of either tapping the link from the contact card, pushme.to would work more like the native messenger using either a built in address book just for pushme.to contacts, or having it auto search your existing contacts much like the native app does. Anything to eliminate another step is plus.

Reading messages are really straight forward. As I mention about the design, the look is similar the native mail. Simple black on white text. The only thing I don’t like about reading is that messages from the same person are not chained/viewed together the way they are using the native client.

One great feature that I did like about this app is that although the main purpose of it is to send messages from iDevice to iDevice, it’s not the only way to send one. Let’s say you have a friend who needs to get you a message and they are one of those “other people” who don’t have an iPhone. Well as long as they can get to a web browser, they can still at least SEND you a message for free. If you point your browser to pushme.to/yournickname you will see a message box similar to the one you see in the app. The main difference is instead of the TO and MESSAGE boxes, its MESSAGE and SIGNATURE boxes. However the function is the same. The message is typed and sent to the device and the user will see it on their phone just as if it were from another iDevice.

Overall I think this a great app for messaging between devices. It’s design is clean and easy to look at. Function wise it does pretty much what you want in a way thats familiar. I think anyone looking for an alternative to using the native SMS for talking to fellow iphone owners will like this app for both its usefulness as well as it’s ability to lessen the amount of regular text messages they have to send.

Editor’s Note: pushme.to is now FREE for the Christmas season. Grab it while it’s HOT!

App Summary
Title: Pushme.to Developer: Treebune s.r.l.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $2.99 App Size: 1.3 MB
  • Great UI
  • Easy to use
  • Send messages from web
  • Save money on text messages
  • Not enough integration with contacts.app
  • Messages from same sender not combined


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