Zits & Giggles – the incredible climb to #1

Forget Apple’s foggy review process. The game, Zits & Giggles which debuted at 0.99$ has surreptitiously climbed to one of the most expensive App Store seats. A short visit to its App Store page will reveal that Zits and Giggles, like a parody movie, is more substance than it is joke. In this case, the substance is philosophical: developer Tommunism have hit a wall: the app isn’t selling any more. And with nothing to lose, they are raising the bar – Zits & Giggles’ current price of 239$ proves that the sky is the limit. Either that or Apple’s ban hammer will fall, forcing the app back down to its humble roots. Part of me cringes at the price, but another part is rooting Tommunism on; enough time and loose enough App Store rules will help Zits & Giggles break the ceiling set by I Am Rich. And if only a handful of customers buy, Tommunism’s experiment will go well; even without a single purchase, their app will continue the iconic climb to the top.

Go Tommunism go!

Zits & Giggles Tommunism, Zits & Giggles – $239.99

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