The JBnator Diaries – SBSettings in Review – There’s a toggle for that!

Hey you, happy jailbreakers! This week I will cover the #1 reason for my jailbreak – SBSettings. In the stock iPhone configuration, doing such simple things as toggling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and other simple things takes a lot of tapping through the Settings app. Even more so, it requires you to exit your current application to do so. Well, rejoice! For all of you brave enough to jailbreak there is a simple way around it!

Introducing SBSettings – a simple app for all of your daily toggling needs and more. It an extension of the idea first pioneered by BossPrefs and is by the same author. However, while BossPrefs was also required to be launched as a separate app, SBSettings completely integrates into the iPhone’s SpringBoard and is instantly summoned by a simple swipe across the taskbar.

The core purpose of SBSettings is to provide quick access to toggles for various iPhone functions. What’s more, you don’t have to stay content with pre-provided toggles – there are add-on ones on Cydia for any feature that may come to your mind. You can set up to 12 toggles to be displayed on screen, and they are not limited to simple on/off switches. One of my favourite is FastNotes which gives you a textbox to quickly jot down anything you wish and is available from within any application or game (anywhere where the taskbar is visible). Another very useful one is the Brightness toggle to quickly adjust it.

But SBSettings does not stop here. It provides some useful info like the Wi-Fi and Cell IP addresses, amount of available space on the system and media partitions and even Available RAM. It also provides shortcuts to Respring/Reboot/Reboot in Safe Mode. It even has its own dock to allow quick access to up to 24 (I think) applications.

And still there’s more. From within the More menu you can hide any app icons that you don’t use (like Stocks), Toggle various installed SpringBoard extensions and even do some tweaking, like having the amount of free RAM displayed on the taskbar, or having the battery in percentage mode, and much much more.

And for those bent on customising the look of everything, you can skin SBSettings to your heart’s content. Personally I prefer the simple Apple Congruency theme, but the amount of Cydia alternatives is enough to satisfy anyone. You  can even create one yourself if you have the skills.

For those of you worried about performance, I can say that no noticeable decreases can be found. And in regards to stability it is probably the most stable Cydia app I’ve ever seen.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and still don’t have SBSettings – what are you waiting for? By the way, I almost forgot to mention the best thing – it’s completely and totally FREE! I want to say a big “thank you” to BigBoss for making such a wonderful and useful app which is definitely the most useful one for the iPhone out there. It is so good and works so well with the iPhone I still don’t understand why Apple doesn’t simply license it and make it part of the iPhone Firmware.

With this I declare SBSettings officially touched!

App Summary
Title: SBSettings Developer: BigBoss
Reviewed Ver: 3.0.5 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: Free App Size: 1.2 MB
  • All of your function toggles available at the swipe of a finger
  • Handy Respring/Reboot menu
  • Fastnotes + loads of other add-ons
  • Additional dock for your apps
  • Useful UI tweaks
  • Theme Support
  • None

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