TapTunes in Review – Coverflow perfected

If you have an iPhone, you are probably familiar with the app called iPod and if you have an iPod touch, Music. And if neither is good enough for your tailored preferences, David Blundell has created a great front end for Apple’s apps called TapTunes. For 1.99$, it allows you to search, play and shuffle in ways which haven’t been possible before all while discovering albums you forgot you had!

At a glance, TapTunes is an album sorting app. It allows you to arrange music in cascade, tile, and random layout. There are a few other tweaked layout options, but it is basically one big tweaked Cover Flow front end. Because TapTunes relies heavily on artwork to display albums, make sure that your albums have album artwork. Under the bonnet though, it is an advanced front end for Music or iPod. When your iDevice is in ‘lock’ mode, the album cover adorns the re-awakened screen, and if you switch to Music or iPod, whatever you were listening to in TapTunes is where your journey starts with either Apple software.

The ability to drag albums around like cards in TapTunes is great. To get at the bottom of the disordered stack of random albums, just flick albums from the top to the bottom. Any album can be moved or selected by dragging and clicking. The interface for album searching is far better than Apple’s included functionality. Then, there is an excellent search feature that reminds me of iPhone’s Spotlight on uppers. Criteria are split between: Artist, Album, Song, and Genre.

Between excellent search options and great random listening options, TapTunes is a smashingly good app. The only issues I have are with icon placement. In particular, when switching from cascade, tile and circle mode, it is very possible to bump the track forward or back at the same time. Annoying. Then some of the icons are used in strange ways which may lead you on a wild goose chase to discover what each means.

But TapTunes works, it looks good, and because you have a virtual sandbox of random albums, makes it easy to find an album you haven’t heard in a long time. For music fans, the 1.99$ admission price should be a no brainer. And to dev David Blundell, your app will be worth 5/5 when you can work the navigation kinks out. TapTunes will be staying on this reviewer’s springboard for a long time.

App Summary
Title: TapTunes Developer: David Blundell
Reviewed Ver: 2.1 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $1.99 App Size: 0.4 MB
  • Great organisation options
  • Easy to happen upon old gems
  • Great OS integration
  • Navigation has to be fixed


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