Jukemaster finally hit the AppStore – Music to your ears

Some time ago we reported the problems Palm Heroes Team had in submitting their latest application to Apple for review. Having no other way out but to submit to Apple’s “recomendations” they quickly changed the “offensive” pharse to something a bit more neutral. And just a little while later, their unique app – Jukemaster is finally on the AppStore.

Jukemaster is not a regular audio player. Rather it is a tool for aspiring musicians to facilitate learning to play music “by ear”. You can adjust the speed of playback, loop selected fragments and more.You can find the full feature list after the gap.

Jukemaster Palm Heroes Team, Jukemaster – $2.99

Jukemaster is a good-looking music player for musicians, that allows easy learning songs by ear.

Jukemaster is NOT a standard player replacemet, as it can only play one song at a time, and is designed primarily for musical training.

Jukemaster features:
– Choose a song from your library
– Rewind/FastForward vinyl touch control
– MARK button to set the beginning of a fragment
– Pause/Play button
– LOOP button to loop a fragment (from the beginning or from the set mark)
– Volume knob
– Speed knob (doesn’t work for media library MP3s, this control will be used in later versions of the app, with user-uploaded MP3s via WIFI)

How to use:
1) Tap CHOOSE SONG to select a title from your library
2) Press SET MARK at the beginning of a fragment you need to learn
3) Press LOOP at the end of the fragment.
4) Enjoy hands-free learning of the song!

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