BloodyXMas in Review – It’s all for the kiddies!

Christmas is almost upon us and one can’t help but think what Santa’s up to. We imagine the North Pole, hundreds of little elves scrambling to make toys for the little kiddies and the Jollymeister himself watching over them. Well Mad Finger Games have lived up to their name and provided us with their own original take on what happens if the ‘naughty’ (aka minions) try to ransack the presents in Santa’s lil’ workshop.

BloodyXMas is a survival slasher of sorts. The goal is simple – protect the presents for as long as possible against the uprising of thieving dolls, evil witches, crazy bunnies and other evil forces. Santa, who looks more like a maniac from a B-movie with his sleeves rolled up and a meat cleaver in one hand, is the only one who can save Christmas now.

The gameplay is amazingly simple – kill everybody before they run away with the presents. To get even with the hordes of thieves you can pick up weapons – from the simple but effective hammer to the lightsabre to the agricultural tractor – that really leaves the enemies tied up. Despite the simple formula, the process is immensely fun and satisfying. As you kill enemies with a powered-up weapon, you get bonus points the more you kill on a single charge. At the end of each level you get scored on the amount of presents you saved, enemies dispatched and serial kills. For some reason there are no achievements in BloodyXMas, which does somewhat limit its replayability.

The graphics in BloodyXMas look fantastic. The colours are bright, the enemies are nicely rendered and blood is everywhere. Each weapon cuts the thieves into bloody pieces, quickly turning the playing field into a scene from a really bad (and gory) horror flick.

The interface is quite unusual for this type of games. Instead of the dual-stick, or at least a virtual stick and an attack button set up you’d expect to find, BloodyXMas utilizes a completely touch-based interface. You tap a spot on the screen to move and tap again on an enemy to unleash Santa’s fury. One thing not so intuitive is that Santa does not continue attacking the targeted victim until it is dead; rather you have to tap again for each strike. Personally, I think it would really be nice to be able to toggle persistent targeting – i.e. tap an enemy and Santa keeps on attacking until its dead. I would’ve also preferred to see an additional control setting that makes use of a virtual joystick to give the game more variation.

There is little not to like in BloodyXMas. The gameplay is almost a relaxing experience as your reflexes doing all of the thinking. It is a great game to relieve stress, especially in these pre-Christmas days filled with lots and lots of chores. Despite the minor flaws of slightly awkward controls, no achievements and only a single map, the satisfaction of slicing enemies in two with a lightsabre or harvesting them with the tractor is second to none. And hey, it’s all for the kiddies! If you enjoy the hack n’ slash genre and are looking to score a bloody fun game for a measly $0.99, BloodyXMas is this Xmas season’s must have.

With this I declare BloodyXMas officially touched.

App Summary
Title: BloodyXmas Developer: Mad Finger Games
Reviewed Ver: 1.01 Min OS Req: 3.0
Price: $0.99 App Size: 20.7 MB
  • Lots of way to mutilate your enemies
  • Addictive, satisfying and fun
  • No achievements
  • Only one map


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