Karnival updated – Openfeinted + lots of new features

When I reviewed Karnival some time back it really impressed me. And just a couple of days ago they released an update. Well, what can I say? The devs must’ve done a thorough study of my review since almost all of my noted cons have been addressed. Even more – now you can even ride your own rides! Anyway, if you’re a fan of Tycoon games – you just have to pick up Karnival, if you haven’t done so already. The full list of What’s New is after the gap.

Karnival Hands-On Mobile, Karnival – $3.99

***Note: While your FAME that’s in the leaderboard will still be there, any progress you’ve made in the previous version of Karnival will be reset when you install this update We’ve made significant improvements to the game, and want everyone to re-experience Karnival from the beginning)***.

  • Now you can ride the rides!
  • Re-vamped economic and repair mechanics
  • Improved attraction status panels and interface organization, including some statistics
  • Now you can alter your carnival any time you want
  • You’ll now always have guests, though only the hardcore carnival enthusiasts visit if you’ve been in town for long periods of time
  • Attractions now upgradable. 3 levels of upgrades exist: 50,000 fortune cost per upgrade, 25,000 fortune refund per downgrade
  • Freaks now show their mood; mood mechanics changed significantly…it matters that your freaks are in a bad mood!
  • Attraction influence radius indicator now able to be turned on and off
  • Improved guest pathing so they do not ping-pong as much
  • Significant tarot card improvements; tarot reading cost reduced to 5 tarot
  • Increased fortune reward of Whack-A-Mole
  • OpenFeint integration
  • Numerous general bug fixes

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