Waldo found in Canada – Canuck’s top app

Everyone once in a while, I throw caution to the wind, damn the American App Store, and look at what the rest of the world (in small letters) is enjoying. Well, Oh Canada has been ripping its shorts on Where’s Waldo, a relatively new app which hails to the good ol’ days of magnifying glasses, colour-blind streams of cartoon characters, and perfect frustrated searching. Waldo has found some friends this time to accompany his journey through the game’s 12 magical worlds; and just in time for the holiday, seller Ludia have blessed the app with a 40% discount. For a limited time, Waldo fun can be had for 2.99$.

Ludia, Where’s Waldo?â„¢ The Fantastic Journey, 2.99$, 133 MB
Where's Waldo?? The Fantastic Journey

App Description

********Thank You Waldo Fans**********
*****GET WHERE’S WALDO? 40% OFF!*****

Based on the hit publishing series, Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey enables fans of the elusive Waldo to enjoy an dynamic hidden-object game experience anywhere, anytime.

Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey is the ultimate search and find adventure for all ages, as players scour the virtual globe in search of Waldo and friends Wizard Whitebeard, Wenda, and Woof and foe, Odlaw. There are hundreds of hidden items for players to find within 12 different magical worlds. The game play is enhanced with surprise features designed to challenge players during their search, including:

•Wacky Paint: Splatters of colorful paint fill the screen.
•Frosty: Freezes the search window by encasing it in ice.
•Thunder Clap: Makes the whole screen shake.
•Upside Down: Flips the search upside down.
•Sparkly: Keep an eye on twinkle and glitter effects to detect items.

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