Octo☆Touch in Review – Match my Octopi!

Do you like intense action/puzzle games with octopi and squealing Japanese voice-overs of colorful anime characters? Maybe, just maybe, Octo☆Touch might be for you! Developed by Compile Heart, Octo Touch features some very funky music and a frentic match ’em style of gameplay. With its 2 gameplay modes, 3 levels of difficulty, several unlockable characters and special attacks for each persona, this puzzler will keep you entertained for hours, or even just a few minutes in between breaks.

The two aforementioned game  modes are Octo Puzzle and Endless. As the name suggests, Endless mode is, well, endless. Octo Puzzle is where the fun happens. A Mortal Kombat tournament style matchup against everyone else ensues, with you picking one of the available default characters. You shouldn’t worry too much about the characters’ superpowers if you’re only playing Rookie mode, as the matches end long before you get a chance to use them.

That’s not to say OctoTouch is easy, even in Rookie mode. The gameplay consists of a square you control, which you use to shuffle up to 4 octopi in, trying to move them step by step to numbered pads. Once you get the required number of octopi of the same color on the pad, they disappear, and sea urchins of the same number are launched unto your opponent’s field. You can continue to chain octopi of the same color together in the mist they leave behind for additional damage to your opponent. The urchins can’t be removed with the numbered pads, instead you have to push them into the mist.

OctoTouch has two control schemes. The default control scheme, while good in its own right, leaves me wanting for something more precise. The directional pad and button for shifting the circle often cause problems for me. The circle would turn, turn, turn when I wanted to move left/right or up/down. The placing just feels a little awkward at first, and when you’re deep in the game and make a slip up, it could easily cost you the match.

The other control scheme has you swiping your finger across the screen to move the pad, and I personally find this more user friendly. Whichever control scheme you pick, the action is always blazing in this game. It’s a bit like Tetris, in that you never know if you’ll get the octopi you need. As you progress, you get more colors of octopus, which adds more and more levels of difficulty in trying to chain them together to clear your screen.

Your character’s special ability can really turn the tide of the battle, doing anything from filling empty spaces in the opponent’s field to shuffling his octopi around. It does take several matches for your special gauge to fill up, but once it does the attack is performed automatically, which keeps you concentrated on the octo battle at hand.

Ultimately, the fast pace and quick thinking make this puzzler a gem for short bursts of boredom-killing, though the default control scheme may frustrate some gamers at first. If you enjoyed the ever-popular Super Street Puzzle Fight and/or love your match ’em type games, Octo Touch is indeed a very solid and fun iDevice title to check out.


App Summary
Title: Octo☆Touch Developer: IDEA FACTORY CO., LTD.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $4.99 App Size: 28.7 MB
  • Puzzle action keeps you engaged
  • A range of characters with different abilities
  • Can be enjoyed even in short spurts
  • Colorful visuals
  • Default control scheme leads to frustrating mistakes
  • Regular price of $4.99 more expensive than other match 3 type puzzlers


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