AppBank: pennies, publishers, puns and loads’ apps

Dime a dozen, iPhone app sites have popped up all over the place. If a couple of years ago, the trend was to one-off an app for the App Store, now it is to start-up an iPhone website. Amidst this chaos is AppBank, a fun, reckless website headed up by former fine arts major, Yasuaki Miyashita. The same 28 year old lad was told that he would never kick it in a normal company – a fact which I’m not discerning enough to deny relishing. Had he gone off to some large Japanese corporation, my daily dose of Japanese グラビア (gravure) would suffer a much smaller stipend and tonight’s Indian curry would have been a lonely affair. If you can get around the Japanese language, AppBank is a fun website which I wholeheartedly recommend. They have also outed a cute self-titled app which helps iPhone users get around their site and loads of new apps. So, throw caution to the wind and enjoy a truly great cultural experience: the melding of Japanese business sense with ample opportunities afforded by Apple. AppBank are in no way related to the book-loving Korean company by the same name. Cheers. Mobile, AppBank, FREE, 0.9 MB Mobile

AppBank website

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